Review Policy

We are not accepting review request at this time.
  • Review requests can be emailed to or you may contact us via facebook or twitter.  
  • Please provide the following:
    • Title
    • Genre
    • Synopsis/Short description
    • Whether part of series
    • Whether it is a cliffhanger
  • We will consider requests from authors in the following genres, as well as others. With 6 ladies and varying taste, someone might be interested.
    • YA, NA, and Adult Contemporary 
    • YA, NA, and Adult Romance
    • YA, NA, and Adult Paranormal Romance
    • Romantic Suspense
    • Erotica
    • Urban Fantasy
  • All requests will be considered but all may not be accepted.
  • We review HONESTLY. We will contact author that provided a book for review if we can not review the book favorably to decide whether to publish the review on the blog page. We reserve the right to publish elsewhere personally by reviewer. 
  • We will never share or distribute an author's work.
  • We do not accept monetary compensation for reviews. 
 Thank you for considering Lives & Breathes Books to review your work!