About Us

Here at Lives and Breathes we focus on reviewing the books we read (good and bad), sharing great book deals, and suggesting books we love!

My name is Danielle but most of the time I go by D or mommy. I've been happily married now for 10 years and have 2 little boys. I work full time but love to read whenever I can to relax. I prefer romance and love a great dark read. Yes you know the ones you love and want to tell everyone about but are afraid they will think you are twisted, those are my favorite.

Hey y'all! Name's Teri Beth, but you'll also get to know me as TB. I've been a book lover for longer than I can remember. There's nothing better to me than getting lost in a good book. I'll read anything and everything as long as there's a little romance! I can't help but love stories about love. When I'm not reading I'm spending time with my hubby. I adore my family. And I have the cutest niece ever. You can follow me on twitter (@teri_beth) or friend me on goodreads!

Hey, my name is Lea. I'm a 35 year old mother of two amazing boys. I've been married for almost 16 years and am originally from Florida. My husband is in the Navy and we have had the chance to live in Sicily and Japan, but currently reside in San Diego. I love to read and a have all my life, but since I became a stay at home mom five years ago the amount of time I dedicate to reading is borderline ridiculous. My favorite books are romances with high tension and angst, preferably YA or NA, though I enjoy all genres. Oh, and I love to have my heart ripped out!

Hi my name is Kathy! I am a 36 year old stay at home Mom from Central Florida. I married my high school sweetheart over 13 years ago and I love to read! My first book obsession started as a young girl reading Trixie Belden and I've been reading ever since! I'll read practically anything, although I do prefer romance, and of course I am a sucker for reading about first loves! Reading is my escape, my stress relief. I'm known to get so involved reading a book that I literally do not hear people talking right in front of me! You can follow me on goodreads!