Julie Reviews XAVIER COLD by Michelle Valentine

The conclusion to the New York Times bestselling romance that began in Phenomenal X, about one woman’s pulse-pounding relationship with a notorious bad-boy wrestler.

“What’ll it be, Anna Cortez? Are you in, or are you out?”
One momentary loss of control has now ruined everything Xavier Cold had going for himself. With his world unraveling fast, he’s willing to do anything to save not only his job but his relationship with the only woman he’s ever loved.

Anna Cortez, still reeling from shock, tries desperately to save the man that’s consumed her heart, body and soul. She’ll have to dig deep and find courage she never knew she possessed to help Xavier fight demons from his past—a past that’s even more haunted than she ever imagined.
ARC provided by author.
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I don’t think I have ever read a book of Michelle Valentine’s that I didn’t love.  I fell in love with Xavier in Phenomenal X and was anxiously waiting for the conclusion and what an ending it was.  If you haven’t read Phenomenal X, then that is a must because this book picks up right where it ended.

After Xavier found himself in handcuffs and hauled off to jail for losing control in the ring, he and Anna were forced to be apart.  Their road to finding their way back to one another wasn’t easy.  It seemed everything was standing in their way. From Anna having to comply to keep her job and Xavier’s horrendous past, there were many obstacles in their way.

"Figure out how to control all that rage inside you before it destroys us both." Anna

Being forced to move back to his childhood home, you could feel how tortured Xavier was by having to go back there.  It just broke my heart to see him so battered.  I really enjoyed getting his back-story because you could see everything that made him the man he currently was.  After finding out the secrets from his grandmother, he finally got some closure to something that had been haunting him his entire life.

Anna was one strong woman and she had to be to endure everything she was going through.  Being with Xavier wasn’t easy but her heart and soul belonged to him so she wouldn’t give up.  Xavier had this passion for Anna that is rarely seen in current books.  But tormented by his past, he was so pitiful at times and it just broke my heart.

"Thank you for being my angel in the dark." Xavier

I loved seeing Xavier’s big tough badass side, who could withstand anything in the ring, but he had a soft side with Anna that only she could see.  She saw inside his heart where no one had ever been.  I loved seeing this alpha male being brought to his knees by the love of his life.

"I love you, beautiful.  You're the best thing that's ever happened to me-my angel-my everything, and I'll never let you go again." Xavier

What a powerful love story this was with several twists and turns along the way.  The sex scenes were oh so hot and I was swooning over Xavier myself. Anna and Xavier are a force to be reckoned with and I loved that no matter what they went through, it seemed to make their love even stronger by the end.  I was so glad to get the rest of their story, but I’m also sad to see it end.  If you’re looking for a hot and sexy fighter with a heart of gold, then you need to pick up this 5 star book.


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