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On a manhunt for a serial killer, FBI Special Agent Ileana Harper falls through a break in time, ripping her from the present and everything she knows. After forming an uneasy alliance with the man who comes to her rescue, she unearths long-buried family secrets. Spiraling out of control, she clings to memories of Tommy, her partner and best friend of eight years, to keep her sane, fearful she may never see him again.

FBI Special Agent Tommy Colton relies on Ileana to keep him grounded; she’s the closest thing he’s ever had to love in his life. When Ileana disappears, leaving no trace, he falls apart. Without her beside him, Tommy is about to face the biggest challenge of his career, if not his life.

While trying to find a way home, Ileana races to determine the killer’s identity and discovers he might be closer than she realized. Will she risk everything to catch him, or sacrifice justice to find her way back to Tommy before it’s too late? 
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I have a friend that has been telling me to read this book since the day it came out but I kept putting it off—why? I have no clue. But I do know that I am now kicking myself for not reading Hold My Heart sooner! It was nothing at all like I expected. Granted, I didn't know much about the story going in other than it had something to do with time travel—I'm not going to tell you much else about it now—but that element was nothing at all like I imagined it would be.
 It felt natural and like something that could happen in real life. It never gave off a paranormal vibe. And then the fact the lead characters were FBI agents working to find a serial killer? Yea, things just got way more interesting than I'd anticipated. Hold My Heart seriously kept me on my toes, nothing ever went the way I expected, and I was shocked over and over again as the story unfolded. It was a great reading experience, even if the romance side of things stressed me out constantly. You see, when I fall for a guy in a book, I'm done for and this book had my heart hurting so bad for a certain fella. Hold My Heart was just way more everything than I ever expected.

Now I'm nervously dying for the next book in the series. With that ending, I have no clue where things will go next. And maybe now I'll learn to listen to a certain friend's recommendations sooner, while trying to talk everyone I know into reading Hold My Heart. Hopefully, they'll listen better than I did.

Can one simple decision alter the rest of your life?

When Christina Reyes agrees to attend a local bar on Valentine's Day, she doesn’t expect to bump into her old college roommate, Ileana Harper. Funny how things happen. One minute you're stopping to greet an old friend, and the next you're literally running into the most perfect male specimen you've ever laid eyes on.

Special agent Brad Nelson’s life is full of engagements, appointments, and obligations—and that’s just during his personal time. Getting a drink with his fellow agents on some made-up holiday isn’t on his agenda. Neither is the gorgeous little brunette that plowed into him. Yet every fiber of his being wants to make room for her.

Some believe events are just coincidence.
Some believe we can control our future by the choices we make.
But, what if they're wrong? What if there is such thing as fate?

What if some things are just Meant to Be?
ARC provided by author.


Meant To Be is a prequel novella revolving around Christina and Brad, who I met in Hold My Heart and fell in love with. This is their story, which starts the very moment they bump into one another. It's a quick read, but still full of heart and love.

Christina is such a great character. I loved what a good friend she was to Ileana in Hold My Heart, so it was fun getting to know her in Meant To Be. She's so cute and sassy with such a wonderful heart. She deserves to be loved and cherished. And Brad is just the man for the job. That is if he can come clean with Christina about his family and what they plan for his future. Brad has been going through the motions of life, never really planning on love. But then the night he runs into Christina that changes and she's all he can think of. He has finally found his purpose. They have a whirlwind romance and things couldn't have been going better until Christina finds out the secret he's been hiding. What follows is heartbreaking but the groveling that ensues is my favorite. I'm a sucker for a good drunken "take me back" talk.

"If life has a pulse, she's it. If she ever ceased, life would be over."

A huge plus for me while reading this book was seeing Ileana and Tommy together. I loved getting glimpses of them through Chris' and Brad's eyes. Their quiet moments warmed my heart and made me love them even more. And then there's also Charlie, Brad's FBI partner. He's great and I wouldn't mind getting one of these cute novellas for him too (hint hint).

This story is very well written and I love Soto's ability to tug at my heartstrings so quickly. I'm sure this will also help me appreciate Chris and Brad's relationship when I see them in future books. Meant To Be was a great little addition to the series and was the perfect way to tide me over until we get book two and jump back into Ileana and Tommy's world.


Hold My Heart -> AMAZON
Meant To Be -> AMAZON

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