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Sincerely, Carter by Whitney G
I’ve always loved Whitney’s work and this one didn’t disappoint me at all.  I fell in love with Carter from the beginning and once I started this book, I just couldn’t put it down.  I always love seeing when a couple start out as friends and work their way into something more.  It’s even better when they grow up together and know each other so well.  That’s definitely what Carter and Arizona had.  To me, they were perfect from the start.  Even with all of the stops and starts along the way, Carter and Arizona just make the perfect couple and I devoured this book at one sitting.  I loved Carter!

The Mistake by Elle Kennedy
Elle has done it again!!  After falling in love with The Deal, I knew I wanted to read Logan’s story as soon as it was released and I loved it!  Logan proved to be everything I thought he would be but yet nothing I thought him to be too.  He is the manwhore we saw in The Deal but when Grace comes into his life, what a turnaround!  Poor Logan had his life mapped out for him but it wasn’t what he wanted, it was what his family expected of him.  Grace makes him re-think everything he has believed in and I loved seeing her make him such a better guy.  A few times I would have loved to punch him, but I quickly fell in love with him and he ended up being the perfect book boyfriend.  I love this series and can’t wait for the next one!!

Off Base by Tessa Bailey & Sophie Jordan
What’s better than getting a hot guy in a great book?  How about getting two?  A friend of mine told me how good this book was so I jumped right in.  Beck and Cullen are two guys you won’t soon forget!
Beck is a young and inexperienced guy coming home from serving his country.  He has his life planned out but when Kenna agrees to drive him home, she definitely rocks his world.  Kenna and Beck have this instant chemistry and I love how she really brought out the bad boy in Beck.  Who knew this quiet and shy guy could be so demanding between the sheets, definitely not me and I loved it!
Cullen is Beck’s best friend who was asked to watch over Huntley, Beck’s sister, while he was deployed.  Cullen and Huntley spent a lot of time together and were the best of friends.  Cullen knew his bro code and it’s not to mess with Beck’s sister but when their attraction can’t be denied, all bets are off.  
I loved that both couples were mingled in by the end and this book pleasantly surprised me.  These are some hot alpha males that I recommend.

Stepbrother Charming by Nicole Snow
I’m so torn about this book because I liked it but I didn’t.  I think Ty was rude and crude but yet I liked it.  Claire definitely put up with a lot to be with him where I would have just walked away.  He’s definitely a bad, bad boy with quite a reputation and the supposed ‘taboo’ with his stepsister made for quite a wild ride between the two.  I always love a good scorching book but I did feel like the sex overran the story.  I just needed more.

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