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Silver Bastard by Joanna Wylde
I've always been a fan of Joanna so I knew I would jump on this book immediately!  As usual, Joanna brought out a variety of characters along with some from previous books.
Poor Puck had just been released from prison and on his first night, he runs into Becca.  He knows nothing about her but knows he wants her.  Soon, he finds out what kind of awful life she is living in and takes her away from it all.
So now years later, Puck has been keeping an eye on Becca to make sure she stays safe.  Becca is struggling to make it on her own but seems happier than she has been before with her life.  When she and Puck cross paths, you can definitely feel the sparks fly.  She is so independent and determined not to be an old lady.  She grew up in the club life and knows it's not anything she wants for herself.  But, Puck won't let her go that easy.  He is one persistent man, and definitely one hot biker.
I love seeing Puck and Becca get closer and have feelings for each other.  Not only do you get a hot romance, but the sheets are sizzling.  I need more of this series!

Falling For The Ghost Of You by Nicole Christie
This is one of those books that I had purchased a while back and when I found myself in a rut looking for something different, my friend told me about this and this was just what I needed!
It's light and refreshing, and I just loved Violet's attitude.  Her mouth knew no bounds and she would blurt anything and everything without realizing it.  So many times I was dying laughing at the antics Violet kept getting herself into.
When her mom announces she is remarrying, Violet comes face to face with the stranger she ran into previously and surprise, he is going to be her new stepbrother!  You could feel the attraction from the start but as we get into their relationship, we find out Zane is hiding a secret.  I must say it was something that blew me away and I was not expecting it.  As with secrets, there is heartbreak and I really felt bad for them both.  
I liked this book because it is so different and has such a twist that left me thinking what in the world just happened.  This was a quick read for me and it certainly kept me interested from start to finish.

First Came You by Faith Andrews
This is the first book I've read by Faith and I'm highly impressed and now a big fan!!  I've always loved first love/young love books and this one just wowed me.  It met my expectations perfectly with how Tommy and Gabriella met at a young age, became friends, dated, and married.
True emotions were brought out in this book and my heart just broke for Gabriella for everything this poor girl endured with the tragic loss of her parents.  As they say 'love never fails', well that was certainly true for Tommy.  When Gabriella started pushing him away, Tommy's love for her never faltered.  Their love was beyond amazing and is something everyone dreams of having. By the end, I was in tears because I definitely was not expecting that ending and my heart broke all over again for Gabriella.
I think the characters were well written and I devoured this quickly in one sitting.  I was hooked from the start and just couldn't put this one down.  Looks like I will be diving into Feel Again, book one, in the series!

Feel Again by Faith Andrews
I had read the novella First Came You before reading this book and as soon as I finished it, I knew this one would be a must read.  I just had to find out if Gabriella got her happy ending she so very much deserved.
Gabriella had lost her husband and is raising her daughters all on her own.  They are now grown and living on their own and luckily for her, they are the ones who want her to love again.
Caleb has basically done what any single man does; no strings attached one-night stands.  When Caleb goes back to college and sees the professor is the woman he was attracted to at the bar, boy is he shocked.  The sparks fly as Gabriella and Caleb become closer and as much as she tries to push him away, he is relentless, and that's what Gabriella needs.  
She needs to be pursued because she sure isn't going to move on by herself.  I loved how Caleb opened her heart to love again because I felt so bad for what she had endured and it broke my heart that she continued to dwell on her deceased husband after all those years.  The 'forbidden' relationship between them two made it so much more exciting and this book kept my interest from beginning to end and I am so glad they both got their happy ending!!

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