Julie Reviews Fall For Me by JC Emery

Melanie Kincaid is a trust-fund baby with a knack for sassy comebacks and unnecessarily complicating her privileged life. So, of course she would have to fall in love with a man she can't have.

Jameson Hayes is a NYC firefighter for Manhattan’s oldest ladder company with big shoes to fill and a city to protect. He’s strong, sexy, and not looking for the complications Melanie brings. But he can't stay away from her either. The attraction between them is immediate and the pull between them is crazy powerful. But she's only home for the summer and long-distance relationships never work.

Unfortunately, Melanie’s beauty and smart mouth are a lethal combination and Jameson isn't the only Hayes who's interested. As if his brother isn't enough to compete with, now the city's most famous arsonist wants to claim her as his next prize. Jameson can't stand to watch Melanie get hurt and she can't seem to keep herself out of trouble.

Fall for Me is the first Ladder Company novel, a stand-alone companion series about New York's most elite firefighting family with hot alpha heroes, snarky heroines, and an arsonist hell-bent on destruction.
ARC provided by author. 


I’ve always been a fan of JC Emery and I knew this was something different for her and I just had to read it and I’m so glad I did!  You have a great story, a hot romance, and suspense thrown into this story.  Add in a sexy firefighter and a sassy talking female character make this a must read.

Melanie Kincaid has had the perfect life.  Her parents are rich and she’s been able to have anything she’s ever wanted.  Until Jameson Hayes walked into her life, meeting her in the men’s bathroom.  Yes, I said that right!  She met him in the men’s room.  Now, who wouldn’t want to know what that’s about?  

Jameson is hot and sexy who is carrying on the family tradition of  being a firefighter. He has a big and caring family, along with a live-in girlfriend, yep, a girlfriend.

Once they meet, you can feel the sparks fly between them.  You can tell they are immediately drawn to each other and I was so worried Jameson would be ‘that’ guy who cheated so he pleasantly surprised me with his actions.  Jameson is such a sweetheart and I quickly fell for him myself.

“It’s selfish to want you when I’m not available, but I want you to fall for me.  I want to be what keeps you up at night and what puts a smile on your face in the morning.”

Between the jealous girlfriend, Melanie going back for her senior year of college, and a crazy stalker thrown into the mix, this is one book that kept me interested from beginning to end.  JC did an excellent job with having several different things added into this story and it really worked for me.  As Melanie found herself in danger, Jameson showed he was the man he should be as he tried to be her protector.  Don’t get me wrong though.  Jameson wasn’t perfect and that is where I just wanted to shake some sense into him for being an ass several times.  I wanted to smack him and say ‘what are you thinking?’ by some of his actions.

As always, JC has done it again with another great book.  I’m definitely wanting more of these sexy firefighters and I highly recommend this 5 star book.  You won’t be disappointed!


About the Author

As a child, JC was fascinated by things that went bump in the night. As they say, some things never change. Now, as an adult, she divides her time between the sexy law men, mythical creatures, and kick-ass heroines that live inside her head and pursuing her bachelor's degree in English. JC is a San Francisco Bay Area native, but has also called both Texas and Louisiana home. These days she rocks her flip flops year round in Northern California and can't imagine a climate more beautiful.

JC writes adult, new adult, and young adult fiction. She dabbles in many different genres including science fiction, horror, chick lit, and murder mysteries, yet she is most enthralled by supernatural stories-- and everything has at least a splash of romance.

twitter username: jc_emery

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