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Only Trick by Jewel E. Ann
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
Idle Bloom by Jewel E. Ann was one of my favorite books last year so I was looking forward to Only Trick and hoping it would be just as good. And some parts of it were; others, not quite. In the beginning I easily fell in love with Darby and Trick and their relationship. They were both great characters; Darby was fun and quirky and Trick mysterious. The first half of this book was easily five stars for me. But then somewhere along the way I lost some of that love when Darby dropped everything for Trick and Trick pretty much became a jerk. I started this book thinking there would be a lot of POV from Trick, but that wasn't the case and I was a tad disappointed by that. I wanted more from him and more angst over his missing years. Speaking of those missing years, that reveal was very underwhelming for me and felt rushed. And that epilogue, well, it was a bit over the top. Gosh, it sounds like I didn't like this book much, but that's really not the case! There were scenes and moments that I adored and so many secondary characters that made the story better. In the end, Only Trick obviously didn't live up to my high expectations but it was worth the read. 

Captive No More by T.H. Dillon
ARC provided by author
I'm still sitting here like what the hell!? Just when I thought I had everything figure out in Captive No More, it feels like the rug was pulled out from under my feet and now I'm utterly confused. And that's a good thing! This book is so different than my usual read but sometimes a change of pace is nice. Jack Savage wakes up one day in Effingham, a secret mental institution, with no clue why he is there or how he got there. Something happened the night before, something that had Jack covered in blood but it's something he has no memory of. Each day that Jack was in Effingham (that place is so creepy, as are the people that work there) and the better I got to know him, I became more and more curious about...well everything! There's only one person in Effingham who understands Jack's feelings, Lola, but they're torn apart so suddenly and I'm dying to know what is going to happen for both of these characters in the future. The third person storytelling was a little hard for me to get into in the beginning but the more I read, it began to flow much better. I did love the Dear Diary entries, they gave me more insight to Jack's character since they were in his POV. I would have liked a little more depth in general. I didn't feel for the characters all that much, my interest in the story is mainly based on my curiosity. That isn't necessarily a bad thing though since my curiosity has me wanting book two ASAP; I honestly have no clue as to what will happen next!

Where Sea Meets Sky by Karina Halle
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
What did I like about this book? New Zealand! This is a place I now want to visit one day. I want to see those breathtakingly beautiful sights, but only those that were view-able from Mr. Orange, no hiking (at least not days worth) for me. And the other thing I liked about this book, Amber and Tibald. They were such interesting secondary characters. I enjoyed them much more than who the story was actually about.
The beginning of Josh and Gemma's story was so promising. They meet at a party one night while she's traveling through his city and they really hit it off, but the next day it's time for her to go back home. Next thing Josh knows he's decided to visit New Zealand and really live, and to possibly find the girl he's so smitten with. It's when he finds her and he's invited along on a road trip that things soon went downhill for me. You see, there was something stopping them from pursuing their feelings, something that almost became a deal breaker for me multiple times. I'm really surprised I kept reading, but I really wanted to see what happened for Gemma and Josh. Things never really improved though, not even when their romance was finally happening. I couldn't connect to Gemma's issues and I became irritated at Josh for putting up with her. I ended up feeling quite indifferent about it all in the end.
Even though the story didn't really work for me, I still enjoyed Halle's writing and the scenery she created. And I look forward to reading Amber's story in Racing the Sun.
"You have it bad. It'll only get worse. That's how love starts, you know. Like a fungus."

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