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Sweet Home by Tillie Cole
I have read some of Tillie’s other books, so I couldn’t resist digging into this series, and I’m so glad I did!  Sweet Home is the first book in this series and what a way to start.

Molly has come to Alabama from England to further her studies.  She planned on getting her work done and enjoying the quiet life, or so she thought.  When quarterback Romeo aka Rome enters her world, her life will forever be changed.  Romeo is your typical man-whore but his home life is so pitiful that it broke my heart.  His family has other plans for him besides playing in the NFL and when he meets Molly, he knows he can’t go through with their plans.  Molly has changed everything about his life, and has made it so much better.

Because of his parents, it’s definitely not easy for them to be together and when things get tough, Molly always runs.  As they face their struggles, their bond has become stronger than ever, and I really loved seeing the sweet and tender side of Rome.  This book is sweet, touching, but heartbreaking and I loved every minute of it.

Sweet Rome by Tillie Cole
After reading book one, Sweet Home, I knew I wanted to dive into this one and get Romeo’s side of the story.  I’ve always loved getting into the guy’s pov of a book because I like seeing what’s in their minds as well.

I liked getting more into Romeo’s past and seeing him try to be the perfect son, but nothing was ever good enough.  You learn the secrets behind why his parents are so brutal with him and my heart just broke for him.  Romeo may seem like he has the perfect life and parents, but looks are deceiving.

I loved seeing how he felt from the first time he met Molly until he got the happy ending he so deserved.  Romeo is so tender and sweet, but one hot football player!

Sweet Fall by Tillie Cole
Since I started this series, I knew I had to keep going and I’m so glad I did.  We met Lexi and Austin in the previous books and if anyone deserved a happy ending, it would be these two.

Lexi and Austin were both tortured souls who were brought together and just made the perfect couple to balance each other out.  Lexi had struggled with an eating disorder and hid herself behind makeup and black hair.  Austin struggled with his brothers who were in a gang and selling drugs to help keep their mom alive.  As her disease gets worse and his family is put in danger, they both realize they need each other’s strength to get through their struggles.

This book really pulled at my heart because they were both so broken but they were exactly what the other one needed.  Both of their stories broke my heart and it wasn’t easy for either of them but it was definitely worth their struggles by the end.  I’m loving this series!

Sweet Hope by Tillie Cole
This is the final book in this series and I’m so sad to see it end.  You meet Ally in the beginning of this series and as everyone else got their happy ending, Ally was left on her own.  She’s now the curator of a museum and is so excited for her next project.  The artist is one she has loved since she saw his first piece of art.  He’s secretive so when she has the chance to meet him, she’s left speechless.  He’s dark and looks tortured but that only draws her in even more.

As Ally and the artist spend more and more time together, you certainly feel that heat and they definitely keep those sheets hot!  As the story progressed and you start to find out who the artist really is, well it definitely blew my mind and I loved it!!  This book had twists and turns, along with a lot of emotions.  I loved getting more of the previous couples as well and seeing Ally get her happy ending she deserved.  Her and the ‘artist’ are one couple you won’t soon forget.  Tillie’s books just get better and better and this one blew me away. I didn’t want this series to end.

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