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Deep by Kylie Scott
I must say I am so sad to see this series end because I really love this series!  I had been curious about Ben and Lizzy in the last book and was so glad to get their story.
Ben always knew Lizzie was off limits because she was the little sister of his friend Anne who was marrying Mal and he knew Mal wouldn't let them be together. He knew no matter what that he had to keep his distance from her.  But when they arrive in Vegas, it seems all bets are off.  There was no denying that attraction and sometimes everything doesn't stay in Vegas as planned.
Lizzy just found out she was pregnant and knew the road wouldn't be easy for her because Ben has never settled down.  As they are forced to be together in Vegas, Lizzy is so torn about what to do and Ben doesn't make it easy for her.  He's hot and he's cold.  Plus, bringing crazy Sam back into the mix adds more excitement than they planned.
One thing I really love about this series is that we still get the entire band in each book and you begin to feel like you're a part of their family.  Mal's humor left me laughing and I still believe he is my favorite.  There is nothing that man won't say.  The characters are well written and this book kept me interested from start to finish. There wasn't a boring moment in this book or the entire series.  What a great way to end this rocker series.

Consolation by Corinne Michaels
This is the first book I have read of Corinne and I’m now a big fan!!  Beautiful is one word to describe this book.
Natalie is pregnant and so excited to have her husband, Aaron, back from the mission he is working on.  But sometimes life isn’t how you planned it and when tragedy strikes, Natalie finds herself alone to raise their baby.
Then, here comes hot and sexy Liam, Aaron’s best friend, and she starts to have feelings she didn’t know she could have again.  I fell in love with Liam because he is so good to Natalie and so patient with her.  As Natalie finds out her marriage wasn’t as perfect as she thought, Liam is always by her side.
This book drew me in from start to finish and I loved the connection between Liam and Natalie.  I felt a variety of emotions throughout this book and my heart simply broke for Natalie and all that she endured, and I’m so ready for more of this story.

Damaged In-Law by Colleen Masters
ARC provided by author
This was one of those in-law books that I was so leery about because they seem to be everywhere but I felt this worked for me.  It’s not your typical story because Callie and Jackson were not related.
Callie had left home at a young age and was faced with returning home when her sister Avery overdoses and she goes home for the funeral.  She knew that going home she would run into Jackson, her longtime crush and big movie star, but she knew he was with Avery.
When Jackson confronts Callie into taking Avery’s place in his current movie, she is thrust into the spotlight and having to see Jackson everyday which certainly wasn’t a hardship at all.
The sparks do fly and I loved seeing how they seemed to have that instant connection right from the start.  As much as she tries to deny it since he was her sister’s fiancé, as soon as they hit the set all bets are off.  Jackson and Callie really make the perfect couple and I like how this book worked out.

10 Years Later by J. Sterling
I’ve always loved a book about second chances and this was one I really enjoyed.  Cammie and Dalton are going to their 10-year reunion and they are both looking for each other to be there.
Ten years ago, they both had feelings for each other but due to a disagreement, they never had a relationship.  Now, they are both ready to see each other and you can feel the heat from their first glance.
But, she had experienced the loss of her father, who was a cop, and she was terrified to date another cop who happens to be Dalton.  As their friendship progresses, Cammie is forced to face all of those feelings over again causing her to push Dalton away.  Luckily, for him, he wouldn’t let her push him away. I liked seeing how of this played out and it will make you definitely believe in fate and second chances.

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