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Damaged by Kira Johns
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I couldn't have asked for a better ending to this series and Kira really rocked this book with me!

I have been anxiously waiting for Shadow to get his happy ending and this book definitely delivered. It wasn't easy for Paige and Shadow and at times I just wanted to slap Paige.  As much as Shadow disappointed me in the previous books, I feel like he redeemed himself in this book.

Tying up loose ends, we also got Spike who had experienced such tragedy and we see him learn to love again.  My heart just broke for him and I was so glad he found his way and was able to move on and be happy again.

I'd also been ready for Tank to find love and when Britt unexpectedly enters his world, there is no denying that attraction.  I fell for Tank in this series and I was so happy for him to find love.

I was anxious how I would like several different stories in one book but Kira executed this book well and I was so impressed.  You have sexiness and the heat was off the charts!  I hated to see this series end and I'm looking forward to seeing what this author comes up with next.  This will be one tough series to beat.

Random & Rare by Cat Porter
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When I saw this book was coming out, I knew immediately I wanted to read it.  I must admit that I didn't even read the synopsis.  After reading Lock and Key, I knew this would be a must read.

Since I didn't read the synopsis, I went in blind not knowing what this was about and I'm so glad I did!  The first part of this book is about Dig and how he fell in love with Grace.  I say it's always good to see what the guy is thinking and I loved Dig!  He knew once he met Grace he wanted her and would stop at nothing to get her plus you get behind some of the scenes that I had questions about in the first book.  I really fell for Dig!!

Then the second half of the book involved Grace and Miller.  After trying for a baby through surrogacy and failing, Grace falls into a deep depression and starts pulling away from him.  As the story progressed, my heart broke for Grace and Miller at the same time.  I was sad for Grace because she really wanted a baby but also for Miller because you can really feel the love he has for her.  No matter what, his love never faltered.

This book had intrigue and suspense because we get another glimpse of Creeper from the first book and believe me, he is a creep!  When secrets from the past cross Grace's path, her life will never be the same but in a good way and I loved how this twist worked perfectly in this book.

After reading Lock and Key, I knew that it would be hard to beat but I think Cat did a great job and I couldn't have asked for anything any better!

Cement Heart by Beth Ehemann
I must say this is one of those books that really surprised me.  I was a little anxious when I started because I was thinking that this would be your typical man-whore getting the innocent girl but boy was I wrong!

Viper was the typical man-whore who thought he was God's gift to women but as the book progressed you find out he has such a soft heart and I loved it.  I loved seeing him open his heart to love and know that there was more to life than one night stands.

I'm not giving anything away because this book is so different but in a good way.  The emotions were brought out well in this book and I shed a few tears along the way but they were well worth it.  You find yourself feeling happy and sad and I quickly fell for Viper as he changed his ways and knew what his heart wanted.  There's such a great romance involved in this book and I loved seeing so many changes in Viper. In the beginning, I just wanted to punch him because he was so arrogant but by the end, I was swooning over him!!

Step-Lover by Bella Jewel
I'm always curious when a new step-romance comes out.  For me, this book had its ups and downs.  The start of the book you find Aria who experienced an awful tragedy and she was so devastated.  Years later, she had one weekend with the mysterious stranger and it evoked feelings in her that she hadn't felt in years.

As you find out her mysterious stranger's dad, Jack, is marrying her mom, you meet Blade and what a jackass he was. I was so turned off by him and he was so wishy-washy.  He wanted her but yet he didn't.  I was so frustrated because just when you thought he wanted to take a chance with her, off he went again after screwing her over.

I felt Aria was a doormat because she always took whatever he gave her each and every time. I just wanted her to grow a backbone, and just tell him to get lost.  She was so worried about what her mom would say by feeling it was taboo.  What I did like was that they met long before she was his stepsister and that is what did work for me.  It was different because they weren't family first.  By the end, I must say I was impressed with Blade when he finally decided to open his heart.

I also enjoyed Blade's brothers and Melanie, Aria's best friend, and I'm ready for Melanie and Brody's story now.

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