TB reviews Steering the Stars by Autumn Doughton and Erica Cope

Two girls. Two stories. One journey. 

Be careful what you wish for… Aspiring writer Hannah Vaughn worries that she is doomed to live out the rest of her existence in a sleepy Oklahoma town. For as long as she can remember, she’s dreamed of something more – adventure, excitement, intrigue. When her sister invites her to London and she’s accepted to a prestigious writing program at The Warriner School, she jumps at the chance. But will it be epic or an epic fail? 

You’ll never know if you don’t try… Nothing ever happens to straight-A student Caroline McKain and that’s exactly the way she likes it. With her best friend in London and junior year looming on the horizon, all she wants is to remain invisible. So when she is suddenly thrust into the spotlight, she must ask herself: Can an invisible girl really take center stage? 

Follow Hannah and Caroline as they navigate the complexities of first love, family and growing up. As their bond is tested, the girls will learn that being apart can ultimately bring you together. Steering the Stars is a fresh, heartfelt story about fate, discovery, and the magic of friendship.


First, I just have to tell how much I love this cover! It's whimsical and enchanting, and for some odd reason reminds me of the original kindle commercials, the ones with the really cute music by Little & Ashley. I don't know if anyone remembers them, but I was obsessed, just as I am with this cover! As soon as I saw it, I knew I would be reading the book and it was just huge bonus that Autumn Doughton was one of the authors (her book, This Sky is one of my absolute NA favorites!) I couldn't be happier that the words and story inside this book turned out to be just as beautiful as the cover.

Steering the Stars was a wonderful YA tale of two best friends, Hannah and Caroline, as they started a new school year apart. Aspiring writer, Hannah, had gone on an adventure in London to attend The Warriner School while Caroline was left behind to fend her junior year alone. For the first time they had obstacles to overcome without their best friend by their side and the long distance wasn't the easiest on their friendship.

I adored those girls! There's something about them both I could relate to, but I will admit I am a bit more like the shy Caroline than the adventurous Hannah. They each had very distinct personalities and I enjoyed getting to know them both. I loved going back and forth between the girls and following the up and downs of a true friendship as well as what was going on in each of their lives individually. Too be so far apart, their friendship was very important to them and it showed. This book wasn't all about Hannah and Caroline's friendship though; each of the girls had to step outside their comfort zone in school, they had family issues to deal with, and each of them had their own romantic story that I fell in love with. Hannah and Caroline found quite the catch in Joel and Henry, those boys were the sweetest.

Steering the Stars was a heartwarming read full of feels; my emotions went through everything with Hannah and Caroline. There was no crazy angst or drama, it was just a really great story of friendship, family, and love. Doughton and Cope are a talented writing team to have delivered such a lovely story. I don't know who wrote what, but the writing flowed so smoothly and the different POVs felt true to the characters. Everything about this book worked for me and I hope these two authors come together again in the future to bring us another delightful read.

"Just keep your eyes up. You'll never get where you're going if you stop every time you hit a crack in the sidewalk."


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