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Title: Accidental Alpha (A is for Alpha Male, #3)
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy
Release Date: March 15, 2015

Fifteen seconds to remember everything.

Already an impossible task, the encroaching haze made it tougher.

Fifteen years spent making it on my own.
Fourteen days of freedom.
Thirteen years since my parents died.
Twelve nights of heaven.

Four people who’d give anything.
Three tries to get it right.
Two hearts to mend.
One chance in sight.

Nearly fifty years of evidence had me willing to wager no one had ever laughed or cried harder than I had.

But this story wasn’t just mine.
It was ours.
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Accidental Alpha is the third book in the Alpha Male Series by Laurel Ulen Curtis.  We revisit Allison (Haley's Mom) and Wade (Danny's Uncle) who were introduced in the first book of the series, A is for Alpha Male.

Allison is grateful that Haley and Danny have found their happily ever after, but isn't interested in looking for one of her own.  She is very surprised to find Wade on her front doorstep (having just been placed on disability leave from work).  It was cute to see how quickly the two of them fell into a routine together and how easily a romance with an older couple can feel fresh and new.

"One of the hardest parts of finding someone at my age was finding someone who embraced who you were now along with who you used to be."

"I think you broke my hip!" "I'll pay for a replacement," He teased, amusing me to no end.  All the heroes I read about in my novels were always offering to replace ripped panties. Mine was offering to replace a hip.

Some of the best parts of the book include interactions with Allison and her daughter Haley.  I loved how frankly they spoke with each other.  The conversations, even when hilarious, always had an underlying loving and caring tone to them.  Some of the expressions were so funny that I had to send excerpts to my friends.  I must admit there were a few times that I snorted in laughter.

"You think it's easy for me to talk about you buttering his roll?" - Haley to Allison

Wade was your typical male - but with a heart. He had similarly hilarious conversations with Danny regarding his relationship with Allison and the back and forth conversations between the men and the women really made the book for me.  Even though the story is about Wade and Allison - at the heart of the book is a story of togetherness for this new melded family.

"I was absolutely perfect.  This, right here, with him and my kids was how I wanted to spend the rest of my life."  - Allison

In addition, Laurel Ulen Curtis gives us something to look forward to with Hunter (Allison's son).  We get a snippet of insight into his character and it leaves me wanting much more!

Accidental Alpha is a sweet and quirky romance with just a bit of serious undertone.  The book makes for a nice beach read.  You don't have to over think it, but you do get the nice, happy love story with heart and a bunch of humor.  4 stars for Accidental Alpha!

"Neither of us knew anyone else in the world existed as my lips hit hers.  Her long neck stretched to give me better access, and I took it, ravishing her mouth and never looking back.  I didn't care about anyone else or anything.  At last, indeed." - Wade


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About the Author

Laurel Ulen Curtis is a 28 year old mother of one. She lives with her husband and son (and cat!) in New Jersey, but grew up all over the United States. She graduated from Rutgers University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, and puts that to almost no use other than forecasting for her friends and writing a storm chasing heroine! She has a passion for her family, laughing, and reading and writing Romance novels. She’s also addicted to Coke. The drink, not the drug.


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