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Crossroads by Lori Otto
If you haven't read the Choise series, I recommend reading it first because we meet Will in those books as Jon's half-brother.  It's not a must but I feel it's important to get to know Will, Jon, and their relationship before starting this novella.  Poor Will has been practically raised by Jon because of their alcoholic and deadbeat mother.
Will is going back to Utah to say goodbye to his first love Laila because he's moved to New York and knows their relationship won't work.  I knew going into this that it would be heartbreaking, but I definitely was surprised at how much.  This novella is sweet, touching, but my heart broke for Will.
As with Lori's writing, it's always superb and so well written.  I didn't think I could fall for anyone else, because Jon is so amazing, but I do believe Will is going to be one to remember as well as we go into this series.  I'm definitely ready for more Will and see what's in store for him.  I just know it's going to be good! 

Reclaimed by River Savage
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After reading the Knights' Rebel series, I was so glad to get more of Nix and Kadence.  I fell for Nix from the beginning because even though he's one tough biker, he has such a good heart and you can feel the love he has for Kadence.
This novella really touched me because you are brought into their world from the time she is pregnant, throughout the birth, and months later.  Poor Kadence broke my heart because she just fell apart and was struggling throughout this novella.  With her falling apart, Nix is also struggling.  He's fighting for his wife and what a patient man he was.  There are not many male characters that would withstand the test of time.
You can tell they are both to their breaking point even though you know their story, it's still hard for them both.  I must say I think I fell even harder for Nix and what he and Kadence tried to get through was unbelievable.  I do like how you can tell this only made them stronger and their love is so much deeper.
This is one of those MC series that drew me in and didn't let me down in the least and I want more of this series.

Very Twisted Things by Ilsa Madden-Mills
Amazing is one word I would use to describe this book! I had been waiting impatiently for Sebastian's book and it was well worth the wait! 
Sebastian and Violet are perfectly matched. He's living the rock star life, trying to escape from being broken hearted. Little did he know when his neighbor Violet started playing her violin, it would rock his world in more ways than one.
I loved how Ilsa brought these two broken souls together into such a great love story. Neither of them have had it easy and you can really tell how well they belong together. They open each other's hearts to feelings they never thought possible.
I fell in love with Sebastian in book one and have simply loved the Briarcrest series. There's romance, sexual tension, and plenty of heat written into such amazing books that will pull at your heart. You will fall in love with each character in each book and this one didn't disappoint. My heart broke for Sebastian and Violet knowing they were so broken but were able to repair each other's hearts.
Ilsa never fails to amaze me with how well she writes because she is always so precise in her writing. You are pulled in and feel like you're a part of the story and feel like you're right there with them. I'm looking forward to see what Ilsa comes up with next.

Lighter by Gia Riley
Lighter is a touching and heartbreaking story of Sophie, a tortured soul who is struggling to find her way in the world. She's been raised by her mom and sorry excuse for a dad. Her boyfriend was abusive and her self-confidence is little to none. The only thing that keeps her together is her gymnastics.
So as she escapes her life and goes to college her junior year, her life drastically changes. Some for the better, and some for the worse. She meets her new roommate Cara who I just loved. She's cute, sweet, and is really the type of friend Sophie needs. But, it's her brother Kipton who brings Sophie back to life. 
As her relationship with Kip moves forward, it seems like there are obstacles along the way that push her backward. As she struggles to survive, her relationship with Kip only grows stronger and that's one thing I just LOVED about this book. He stands by her side and is the one constant she needs in her life. I loved how Kip, Cara, and even his family played such important roles in her healing.  Kip is definitely swoonworthy, caring, and such a hottie!
I fell in love with Gia's writing from the start and this book only impressed me more. The characters in this book are brought together into such amazing relationships and as my heart broke for what she endured, it seemed their love stayed strong. 

The Way We Fall by Cassia Leo
I've always been a fan of Cassia's and this one was another winner for me.  Houston and Rory were the perfect couple even though it wasn't an easy road for them.
Houston and Rory had this one of a kind love that was destroyed by tragedy and secrets.  Houston has kept a secret from Rory that he knew that once she found out, it would destroy her.
As the story developed, I kept imagining what the secret could be but nothing could prepare me for the big twist.  This book kept me interested from start to finish and I was pulled in by their connection they shared.  I love how Houston tried to protect her from heartbreak and I just loved him.
The characters were well written and I can't wait to get more of this story.  I hope we don't have to wait too long. I need more!

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