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Evil Stepsister by Scarlett Jade
ARC provided by author.
With so many stepbrother/stepsister books out now, I was hoping for something a lot different but this didn't impress me like I had hoped.

I liked Carter but yet I didn't.  Even though he fell for Brielle at a young age, his love never faltered for her throughout the entire book, no matter how bad she treated him.  Believe me, she was one evil bitch.

I couldn't seem to get connected with her on any level.  I never understood entirely what her problem was.  I found it hard to believe that anyone who was treated as bad as Carter would just fall at her knees every time she beckoned.  He was such a good guy and definitely didn't deserve that treatment but I felt like he brought it on himself for being such a doormat.

This book left me wanting more than what we got with this story and I never seemed to like Brielle even by the end.

Vandal by Carian Cole
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After falling for Storm in book one, I didn't think anyone would impress me more.  But, boy was I wrong with Vandal!!

The first few chapters of this book simply broke my heart and I even shed a few tears.  Vandal was so tortured from the tragedy of losing his daughter and was so broken that I didn't think he could ever be put back together again.

Along comes Tabitha and she changes everything about Vandal's world.  She has experienced her own loss and as much as Vandal knows he was the cause of her sorrow, he knows he wants her as well.  I really enjoyed seeing how much they opened up and to be the strength each of them needed to survive.  You could tell they were both tormented and my heart broke for both of them.  As much as there was sadness, there was also so much happiness and the heat between them was just HOT!

This book really impressed me with how much emotion Carian brought out in this book.  I had known after reading book one that Vandal would be one I wouldn't forget and it really lived up to its hype.  I loved seeing how Vandal and Tabi took their own broken heart and healed each other in the process.

Thoughtful by SC Stephens
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
When I found out we were getting Kellan's pov from Thoughtless, I was so excited.  I always love getting inside the guy's head and see how he is feeling.  The timeline of this book follows his relationship with Kiera and how they came to be a couple.

You really get into his head and see the abuse he suffered as a child and how Denny and he became such good friends.  You could tell the brotherly bond they had but when it came to Kiera all bets were off.  He wanted her but yet he knew it was wrong.  You can feel how much his love for her grows throughout this book and you see how they were meant to be together.

With that being said, I felt like this book wasn't as much as I had hoped for.  I felt Kellan was too soft than how he was in the Thoughtless series.  In those books, he seemed so masculine and so tough. I understand this was his story but I just wanted more from his character.  I also felt this book was entirely too long and seemed repetitive at times.  I found myself wanting to skim through some of it hoping to get more of what I wanted.

Don't get me wrong.  I did love Kellan but I felt like I did lose some feelings for him that I had from the series.  Kellan and Kiera were definitely hot and were burning up the sheets and he will still be one of my favorite book boyfriends.

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