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One Ride by Chelsea Camaron
One Ride is definitely a ride I won’t soon forget.  Delilah (Doll) is the daughter of Roundman, the president of the Hellions MC.  Of course there’s always danger in a MC, but Doll never imagined what she could get herself into by trying to help someone.

As she finds herself in danger, Roundman does the only thing he knew how to protect his daughter was by sending her away.  Tripp is the president of a local chapter and is brought in for protection of her and her best friend, Sass.  As they travel around, they know they have this undeniable attraction but Tripp sure knows he shouldn’t be tempted by her.  He knows Roundman will not make it easy for him but I love to see how even though he fights it, he can’t escape what he’s feeling.

I loved Doll because she is one tough woman.  She’s always told the club what she wanted and what a mouth she had.  On their ride, Tripp and Doll find this bond they share and I loved seeing Doll break down his walls and making him feel love he felt he shouldn’t deserve.

Tripp and Doll make one hot couple, and I really enjoyed seeing them find ways to be together. Tripp was one tough bad biker but really did have a good heart, and I think he was even surprised by that.  I’m drawn into this series and I’m diving into more.

Forever Ride by Chelsea Camaron
After reading the first book in this series, I knew I wanted to dive into this one and I'm so glad I did.  We met Sass in book one and this is Tank and her story.  It certainly wasn't easy for them at all.

Sass thought she was fed up with the MC life and was looking to escape, hoping to find the perfect man with the white picket fence.  Little did she know, things aren't always as they seem, nothing is ever perfect.

Tank was hot as hell and it took a night with Sass to want to change his manwhoring ways.  As much as he tried to deny it, he knew he had more feelings for her besides just being friends.  As Sass moved on, I was beginning to think Tank had waited too late.  But when Sass found herself in danger, Tank found himself wanting to protect her and keep her safe.

I loved seeing how Sass tried so hard for the ideal life, but yet she couldn't deny Tank or her family in the club when they prove they are her family she can truly count on.  I was pulled into this book from the start and I loved seeing them together and find the love they both deserved in each other.

Merciless Ride by Chelsea Camaron
I find myself liking this MC series better and better with each book.  I've loved them all so far and this one drew me in as well.  I really have so many emotions that were brought out in this book.  I felt so bad for Tessie and my heart broke for her while at the same time, I just wanted to slap Rex around for being such an idiot.

While Tessie had tried so hard to keep her secret for years, she found herself needing the club's protection and of course, her secret is discovered.  While I was hoping that Rex would come to save the day, it seems he wimped out and 'dumped' her onto Shooter.  And boy did he save the day while also helping Tessie get over Rex.  While Tessie had been in love with Rex for many years, he never failed to make her miserable while he kept right on whoring around and tossing her to the side.

I loved seeing how Shooter swooped in and knocked her off her feet, because this was something that she definitely needed.  She needed someone to protect her and give her the love she deserved.  As much as Rex still played an important role and was still such an idiot, I felt he did the right thing so she could be happy.  I'm ready for his story now!!

Innocent Ride by Chelsea Camaron
After reading the first three books, I was so anxious to get into this book and find out more about Rex. He was such an ass in this series so I was hoping he would redeem himself in this one and it couldn't have worked out any better.

We met Caroline in the previous books as well and knew she needed help from the MC.  While Rex is the one to protect her, you couldn't have asked for anything better.  While Caroline seemed to have the perfect life and was such a professional businesswoman, and Rex was a tough biker in the MC, they seemed to balance each other out.  I enjoyed seeing Rex call her Lux because he felt like she was the deluxe model who would be so high maintenance in his life.

As the story developed, Rex seemed to find out that even though he was sleeping with every woman around, he couldn't seem to get Lux off his mind.  The more and more they were together, you could see him softening up and learn to have feelings.  

I loved seeing the interaction between all of the couples in the previous books and how well they intertwined into this book.  Rex seemed to realize how he treated Tessie in the previous book and by the end of this book, he definitely redeemed himself for me.

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