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Hell’s Ink by Nicole Reed
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AMAZING!!  I couldn't have asked for a better sequel to Beautiful Ink than this!!
We met Hold in book one and as much as he loved Hels, he let her go, brought her back, and almost destroyed her.  This book picks up where book one ended after he's let her go free to have a future with Luke.
Hold is being tortured by his club, but more so by his father.  His father is quite a force to be reckoned with and I would have loved to torture him worse than he did Hold.  Hold is so broken in this book and as much as I grew to hate him in book one, I actually felt so sorry for him for having so much chaos in his life that he couldn't seem to catch a break.
Shyla has also been through hell and has come to town to live with Diamond, the only family she has.  Mikey ends up saving the day and you can tell he has feelings for her immediately.  But, as Hold and Shyla are brought closer, there's no denying that spark.  I love how sassy Shyla is and doesn't put up with his attitude but yet seems to be the strength he needs to keep going.  The heat is scorching and the scenes will leave you breathless.
Shyla and Hold couldn't have been more perfect for each other and even amidst all the action packed drama and suspense this book entails, you can feel they are destined to be together.  I loved seeing him fight for what he wanted with the club and as much as I wanted him to mend his relationship with Mikey, you can tell it's not going to be easy.  Mikey really surprised me with his actions and I'm sure hoping to get his book and see if he can get his happy ending as Hold does.
Well played Nicole with how well you executed these characters and made the perfect storyline that kept me interested from beginning to end.  The characters in this series are well evolved and left me wanting more of this MC!!

One Simple Memory by Jean Kelso
One Simple Memory is one of those books that I wanted to like and I always love seeing a couple get a second chance at love. 
Jenn and Sean were the best of friends and when she's kidnapped, they are brought back together with the circumstances. I understand why Sean left in order to keep her safe, but little did he know he would put her in more danger.
As Sean and Jenn are brought closer by the demands of his father, he knows he wants to save her no matter the cost to him or his life.  Like I said, I loved seeing them being brought back together so they can face their feelings they share for each other.  I did become so frustrated with the fact that with the way Sean was raised and he knew his father was a dangerous man that he felt like they didn't need to hide and were just out in the world open and free. I felt like he made the wrong choice to try to keep her safe and that left me quite irritated with him.  I did like this book and if you're looking for a quick read about second chances, give it a try.

Finding Myself In You by Melanie Cole
This is one of those books where you have two broken people brought together by chance and learn they have so much more in common than they ever realized.  Taylor has been sleeping with her brother's best friend and what a user and loser he is.  He only calls her for a booty call and then out the door she goes.  It really made me mad that as nice as she seemed to be that she put up with his behavior.  But, everyone has their breaking point and boy was it huge!
Matt has been broken hearted by the woman he loved or he thought he loved.  Seemed more like a comfortable relationship than being truly in love.  So, when Taylor's grades start slipping, here comes Matt to save the day.
With them both being dealt with the same hand at relationships, I enjoyed seeing them become friends and go from there.  They were both so leery at wanting to even try anything more than friendship but when fate intervenes, there is no stopping it.  I loved seeing them open up and learn to love again plus I liked Ryan being put in his place.  He sure needed it!

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