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Filthy Beautiful Lies (Book 1) by Kendall Ryan
When I read the synopsis of this book, I was thinking how in the world this would work out.  Little did I know that Kendall would surprise me with some great twists along the way.
Poor Sophie has done the imaginable and sold herself to save her sister's life.  She is pure and innocent and goes to extreme measures to do what she needs to do to help get her sister the treatment she needs.
Colton is a hot and sexy successful businessman who knows he wants Sophie from the beginning.  He is pure alpha male and knows he wants complete control over her.  At times, I may have been swooning over him myself.  I love how protective he is over her and even though she did what she did for her family, he doesn't take advantage of the situation.  He's not abusive in any way but he knows he wants this woman. I love how he 'teaches' her everything she needs to know and yet she surrenders herself to him without sacrificing what she believes is right.
But, as things may seem perfect, they don't always happen that way.  As Sophie finds out Colton's secret, she does the only thing she feels she can do is run and leave Colton and everything she has started to love.  This book does have a cliffhanger so I'm already digging into book two.

Filthy Beautiful Love (Book 2) by Kendall Ryan
Filthy Beautiful Love is the second book in this series and picks up right where book one, Filthy Beautiful Lies, ended.   Sophie has ran from Colton after learning of his secret and who can really blame her after what she found out!  But, I love Colton because he knew he couldn't let her get away.
After basically following her across the world, he knows he needs to reveal his secrets and tell Sophie everything.  After being hurt so bad, poor Colton breaks my heart at what he's been through.  But, he knows he wants Sophie and is determined not to let her get away.  Since Sophie's heart is broken as well in more ways than one, I love seeing her piece herself back together and realize she wants to be with Colton.  
As in book one, I really LOVED Colton's alpha ways and he is so protective over Sophie that I was just swooning over him!  He's hot, sexy, and fights for what he believes in.  I enjoyed seeing them both come back from heartbreak in order to be together and they balanced each other out perfectly.  I didn't know if a sequel could compare to the first book, but I was blown away.  I love Kendall's style of writing and if you're looking for a quick read, check out hot and sexy alpha male Colton!

Filthy Beautiful Lust (Book 3) by Kendall Ryan
Filthy Beautiful Lust is the third book in this series and the title fits Pace perfectly for this book.  Pace is self-centered and only worried about jumping from one woman to the next.  He's a rich and successful playboy who loves to play the field.
We met Kylie in the previous books and she is one independent woman who has no plans to find a man.  She's raising her son after being dumped by the father of her child.  When she meets Pace, she knows what type of man he is and she tries so hard to stay away.  But, Pace is so persistent!!
One thing I loved about this book was that Pace was so determined to prove to Kylie that he is capable of being the man she needs for her and her son.  It amazes me how much he truly grows in this book from being so immature to wanting to provide for Kylie and her son.  I loved seeing Kylie break down her walls and open her heart for Pace, no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't fight it.

Filthy Beautiful Forever (Book 4) by Kendall Ryan
I have mixed feelings about this book.  I loved Collins but Mia did get on my nerves at times.
Collins had it all.  A highly respected businessman who made a fortune and the seemingly perfect girlfriend.  But when his childhood friend Mia appears on his doorstep, he finds out that everything he thought he knew was not what he wanted.  
I'm not sure what to say about Mia.  I loved seeing how much she cared for Collins and how she didn't want to ruin his life but yet I felt like their childhood pact made her a little childish.  I mean, who appears years later wanting to seal the deal on a pact they made as children?  It's sweet, yes, but at times, I just wanted to slap some sense into her.  But yet, they seemed to balance each other out and be the person they each other needed and it pleasantly surprised me.
I also enjoyed seeing the brothers from the previous books in this book and getting more of their lives as well.  I also found myself laughing at times and I'm really sad to see this series end.

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