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Kaleidoscope Hearts by Claire Contreras
I must say this is my first book by Claire Contreras and I was quite impressed.  I always love books with second chances and when you toss in the added bonus of getting the brother's best friend, that just made this book work for me.

Elle is the baby sister of Oliver's best friend.  She knew from the time she was 16 and he was 19 that he would forever have her heart.  However, Oliver knew she was off limits and not to even go there with his friend's sister.

As time has passed and Elle has lost her fiancĂ©, she moves in with her brother where she runs back into Oliver.  I applaud Claire for bringing out such deep emotions in this book and you can really feel the pull each of them have toward the other.  I did get frustrated with Oliver and Elle both because Oliver did seem wishy washy at times and she couldn't decide if she wanted to take the plunge with him or not.

With that being said, I did love how they were constantly drawn to each other but you could tell they were also afraid of her brother finding out and with what he would say.  I enjoyed how close Elle was with her brother and how she continued to grow through this book when she realized she wanted to love again.  But, could she take the chance with Oliver?  Would he leave again?

I also enjoyed the way that art was brought into this book and really played around this story so well.  Such tender emotions and feelings made for such a truly touching story.

Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire
I've always loved the Maddox brothers ever since meeting Travis in Beautiful Disaster and as we have met the brothers along the way, I've always been curious about Thomas.  He's always been so secretive but yet so responsible being that he practically raised his brothers.

As we got a glimpse of him in the previous book, this book dives deeper into his life and the secret he keeps from his family.  I found him so intriguing and yet how he met Liis seems so out of character for him.  He's a FBI agent who is ruthless at his job but yet his heart has been broken. He really lives for the job and nothing else.

Liis has transferred to Thomas's unit, leaving her old life and ex behind.  She also lives for the job and is not looking for romance.  But, when her one night interferes with her job, that connection cannot be denied.  But, Liis sure has her work cut out for her because she knows Thomas's heart is with another woman.  She feels she cannot compete with his first love and I really felt bad for her.  She knew she wanted him but he was unavailable.

I must say that Thomas really tried to prove himself to Liis and just when you thought he had, he goes and ruins it again.  As Liis and Thomas are thrown together for a case involving his family, they know they have to look like the perfect couple and I loved seeing how that played out.  Liis got a glimpse at his life and how he became who he is.  Thomas and Liis ended up being so perfect for each other and I'm glad to get into his story and get his happy ending that he so deserved.  I need more Maddox brothers!

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