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My Skylar by Penelope Ward
This book was so beautiful but so heartbreaking!  Mitch and Skylar were best friends then lovers, separated, and brought back together again.  This book is told in both of their pov's and I'm so glad to get each side of the story.
Mitch was such a sweetheart and you could really feel his love he had for Skylar but he let himself destroy what they had.  Skylar is one of the strongest heroines I've read about and my heart was just broken at what this poor girl had to go through.  You will certainly need tissues because I shed quite a few tears.  But it was well worth it.
I enjoyed seeing how Mitch and Skylar were given another chance at love and even though it wasn't easy for Mitch to win her over again, he never faltered in his persistence.  As they say, true love never dies.

Reasonable Doubt (Full Series 1-3) by Whitney Gracia Williams
This series is one of those rare series that hooked me from the start and I just couldn't put it down.  From the beginning to the end, it kept me interested and there was never a dull moment between these two.
Thoreau and Alyssa are not who they seem.  They are both liars who met online and neither one was honest with the other.  We soon find out they are Andrew and Aubrey and when they come face to face, the sparks fly and the heat is off the charts!  With Andrew's motto "One dinner, one night, no repeats", he soon finds that he's breaking all of his rules to be with Aubrey.  But, it doesn't come easy because Andrew has dealt with liars and really pushes Aubrey away when he finds out the truth.  It doesn't faze him that he wasn't being honest himself.  It must be a man thing, lol.
Andrew and Aubrey sure didn't make it easy for the other one and at times, I just wanted to slap them both.  I was so afraid Andrew would divert back to his old ways before he woke up and knew he wanted Aubrey.  There were both so hardheaded but I think that's what really worked for me in this series.  The sex scenes were completely HOT and I quickly devoured this book in one sitting and was sad to see it end.  It was so addicting!

Working Girl (Volume 1) by Scarlett Metal
I have always been a fan of Scarlett and I must say she has really grown with her writing since she started up to this novella.  Working Girl is volume one in this series and we find out that Violet is quite the working girl in more ways than one and it's certainly nothing Deacon or I was expecting.
This book is hot and steamy with Violet and Deacon's chemistry being off the charts hot.  I do believe that this is one of my favorites of Scarlett's so far!!  I'm ready for more of this series ASAP.

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