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Raze by Tillie Cole
AMAZING is the one word I can think of when I finished this book.  I jumped on it as soon as it was released and was up late because I knew I had to finish it as soon as possible.
This book pulled me in from the start and I just couldn't put it down.  It kept my interest from start to finish and even though this is one of the darkest books I've read, I just loved it!
The twists and turns, the suspense and intrigue, along with a hot love story left me thinking 'what the hell' at times.  Raze was so mysterious and the poor soul had been tortured and broken.  Kisa had been promised to another man but once she met Raze, the fighter looking for revenge, her life would never be the same.  My heart simply broke for Raze and Kisa because they were both broken but in different ways.  Raze was set on revenge with the one man who ruined his life and as secrets were revealed, Kisa and Raze would forever be changed.
I loved getting inside both of their heads and the darkness of this book left me reeling at times.  I'm forever a fan of Tillie's and can't wait to see what she comes up with next!!

The Game Plan by R.L. Mathewson
I quickly fell in love with the Bradford Men in the first three books and Danny certainly didn't disappoint in this one.  I recommend reading those first because they lead up to this story.  His love/hate/love/hate relationship with Jodi left me laughing hysterically and I think I fell in love with the Bradfords even more.
As Jodi was trying to break her lease, Danny never stopped trying to make her life hell.  I love them both because they were both so hard headed and once Danny came up with his 'game plan' to get her, he sure had his mind set.  She wasn't easy that's for sure and when they ended up being together unexpectedly, I don't think I have ever laughed so hard.
Along with a lot of humor, you still get the characters from the previous books and I really enjoyed that.  There's also some sadness thrown in but a great love story as well!!

One Night Stand by JS Cooper
One Night Stand pleasantly surprised me because with the title I had no idea what to expect.  I was thinking it would be the typical one night stand where they easily get together.  Boy, was I wrong with this one!  Nothing was easy for Xander and Liv.
As Liv came home to see her parents, she had no idea her one night stand would be sitting in their house.  I enjoyed getting her reaction, because it was definitely pure and utter shock.  I loved her brothers but just wanted to slap her sister.  Her friend Alice seemed to be her rock and I loved their friendship.
As the book progressed, the twists among their relationship deepened.  As much as I hated Xander from the beginning, I must say he redeemed himself by the end.  It was a light story, a fast read, and so different from anything I've read lately.

Stepbrother Billionaire by Colleen Masters
I've always enjoyed Colleen's work and was excited to see a new book coming out.  Going into this book, I wasn't sure what to expect but I think it worked for me.
It really surprised me at how Seven Minutes in Heaven really changed Emerson and Abby's life.  Going from high school bickering to lovers and then years later as adults impressed me with how much they both grew in this book.  As teenagers, Emerson always picked on Abby and as their feelings developed for each other, I liked seeing how much they both changed.
My issue with this book was after the circumstances that caused their separation, I did feel disappointed in Emerson's failure to communicate, but I do realize they were young and the poor boy had so much responsibility on him.
Looking forward to more of Colleen's work!

Stepbrother Untouchable by Colleen Masters
After reading Stepbrother Billionaire, I was so curious that I had to dive into this one.  After reading the first one, I couldn't imagine how this one would turn out.  It seems Nate and Brynn were quite the couple but it wasn't easy for them.
Nate was a typical man-whore who basically hit it and quit it.  From his father being so hard on him and lying to him, he didn't really know what love was and I felt so bad for him.  When Brynn's mom married his dad, little did he know that Brynn would change everything he knew about his life.  As Brynn finds herself in a situation, Nate saves the day and changes her life in more ways than one.
I always love to see the male characters change from who he was to be with the woman he wants to be with.  I'm curious to see what Colleen comes up with next.

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