Julie reviews Kiss Me Kate by Katy Regnery

Kiss Me, Kate is the sixth of six books about the Philadelphia-based, wildly-handsome English brothers (and one lovely cousin!) who are all on the look-out for love.

Kate English, cousin to the beguiling English Brothers, has relocated to Philadelphia and now works with her cousins at English & Company. The problem with moving to Philly? It was where Kate met her first love, Etienne Rousseau. Since the move, Kate can’t seem shake the painful memories of a romance that broke her heart.

Etienne Rousseau, neighbor and arch-enemy of the English family, is recently single and has every intention of enjoying his newly-minted bachelor-status. That is…until his brother inks a deal with English & Company, forcing Etienne to work with his one-time lover, Kate English. Though he wants to hate the girl who once destroyed his life, he can't deny the fierce attraction or hide the deep tenderness he still feels for Kate.

With vibrant flashbacks of their passionate, teenage love affair making it impossible to ignore their unresolved history, Kate and Etienne will commit to unraveling the secrets of their heartbreaking past to make way for a breathtaking future.
ARC provided by author.
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Kiss Me Kate is the sixth installment of the English brothers’ series and I'm sad to see the series end. I feel like I'm losing some friends that I've grown fond of. As with all of Katy’s books, this one didn't let me down. This is a true Romeo and Juliet story about a young couple torn apart by their families. One part I did enjoy about this story was that it goes from past to present, so you get to learn how their relationship started and how things worked out the way they did for them both.

We met Kate English in the previous books because she is a cousin of the English brothers. She is an only child and the brothers have protected her all of her life. But, sometimes that protection can go too far.

Etienne Rousseau has been a rival of the English brothers as far back as their school years. They have fought over girls but Kate has been their one main focus of their disagreements.

Kate and Etienne had met while she was visiting the English brothers when she was 15. Being Etienne was their neighbor, he met Kate from the beginning of her visit. Even at that age, they both felt drawn to the other one and I loved seeing them fall for each other and with them being each other’s first love, it made for such a sweet story.

“I never forgot about you. I never stopped missing you. I never stopped wanting you, and I never stopped loving you.” - Etienne

But, along with the sweet, we also get some spicy. As Kate and Etienne are thrown together during their family's business affairs, they both know it was never over between them. It was just a pause in their relationship, not closure. The heat between them years ago is now HOT!!

The sparks ignite between them immediately but yet they are both so torn. After their teenage affair and the torment it brought to them both, they were both afraid to try again. But, it seems love never fails. You can really tell these two were meant to be together, and neither of their families were going to stop them this time. I loved seeing them stand up for what they wanted; each other. 

“I’m going to love you all afternoon, Kate. And when it gets dark, I’m going to love you some more.” - Etienne

I had really thought Etienne was quite the jerk and manwhore in the previous book but he really did redeem himself for me in this book. It seems this French hottie is more than meets the eye. He's sweet, sexy, and I was in love with him by the end of this book.

Katy’s writing has always blown me away and I always look forward to seeing a new book of hers being released. Her writing is clear and precise, and the characters are well defined. The characters pull you in and you feel like a part of their family by the end. I have loved all of the books of this series and this one was also a 5 star read for me. I'm looking forward to seeing what Katy comes up with next because I'm a die-hard fan.


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