Kathy Reviews How to Hook a Bookworm by Cassie Mae

Getting kissed for a birthday present should not be a big deal. Especially for Brea Mason, who doesn’t think of her best friend, Adam Silver, in any way other than… well, a friend. But after the liplock she can’t seem to get him off her mind. And she has to, because Adam is a senior while she’s stuck in high school for another two years. 

Then BAM, the perfect distraction comes along in the form of a new, hot sophomore who actually seems interested in Brea, despite her anti-social personality. And with the stress at home, stress at school, and ignoring the reality of all her friends leaving come June, Brea welcomes the distraction.

But when she sees four fat Fs on her report card, Brea needs a study buddy, and the best candidate is Adam, book nerd and math whiz. So she enlists his help, hoping the birthday kiss was just a fluke. After all, she has a boyfriend now. It should be easy to ignore the butterflies and fizzy feelings that arise with the bookworm… right?
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I must admit that I did a little happy dance when my copy of How to Hook a Bookworm came in the mail.  I *might* have been stalking the mailman and my mailbox.... but let's not talk about that in public.....I've been anxiously awaiting this release because I thoroughly enjoyed How to Date a Nerd and How to Seduce a Band Geek.  Bookworm is the third and final book of this series (each of which can be read as standalones) and it did not disappoint!

I just knew it was going to be an awesome book when the very first thing I read is "Can I get kisses instead of spankings for my birthday?".  Yep, sounds good to me!  

Brea Mason is turing sixteen.  For her birthday wish she wants the impossible : her first kiss.  Brea's best friend Adam Silver steps in to make that wish come true.  The problem is that after their first kiss she can't seem to get him off her mind. 

"He breaks away before I have a chance to get really into it, but I feel every moment of that kiss as if it were a million moments."

Brea is cute and funny.  The honesty of her character was refreshing.  She shows the awkward reality of high school, but in a very sweet way.  Then just when you think you've only go the sweet...  you get the feels that just pull at your heartstrings.

"I wish for a better heart so someone will want a piece of it."

At the heart of the story is a girl who is truly worried about being left behind.  Everyone in her social group of friends will be leaving for college at the end of the year while she finishes up her last two years.  Afraid of being alone, Brea looks for friendship and love in the new, hot sophomore that everyone at school is talking about.   

"Jay looks like a rock-star.  Not like, metaphorically, but an actual rock-star.  His leather jacket has got to be real. Genuine cow over there.  His T-shirt is tight and snug, but not so tight that it looks like it's two sizes too small.  He should wear white all the time, because he looks good."

What I really really love about this book is how the characters stay true to themselves.  Even when Brea dates Jay she doesn't loose herself.  She doesn't try to become someone she isn't  For their first date she asks to go to the car wash.  Because the car wash has a lot of fond memories for her.  It's rare to find a book these days that I can think of proudly handing to my daughter that shows positive female role models. I wouldn't blink an eye before promoting this book to young girls.

Brea, however cannot get Adam and their kiss off her mind.  She needs him more than ever when shes gets a series of very low grades and asks for his help.  She has a serious case of test anxiety.  With these days of high stakes testing it is a very real problem that kids can relate to.  Adam was so loving and smart as he helped her.  You couldn't help but fall in love with him!

"How can I get more butterflies from studying than from making out?"

"I swing my arms up around his neck, and his glasses press tight against my face.  He reaches to take them off, but I don't want them off.  I like them there.  I like his glasses and his red hair and his pocket tees and his warm smile."

In the end, beauty is only skin deep.  The good guy finished first, and I'm completely through the roof, over the moon, skyrocketing through space for How to Hook a Bookworm!!! You can't go wrong with squirrel costumes and a Star Wars wedding!  Pick up How to Hook a Bookworm (or any of Cassie's books) today and enjoy!  

"I am completely through the roof, over the moon, skyrocketing through space in love with my best friend."


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