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All the Glory by Elle Casey
If you’re looking for a hot and steamy read, then this one will not be your cup of tea.  Instead, you get a sweet story, with some mystery added into the mix.  Jason Bradley had it all.  He was the star of the football team, had the cheerleader girlfriend, and fancy sports car.  He was the town hero and everyone loved him, until he was found standing over the coach’s body and was accused of murder.  It seems then that you soon find out who your friends are.
Katy lived a few doors down from Jason and when Jason had lost everyone in his life, she stood by him and was determined to prove his innocence.  I admired Katy because she was the good girl and never caused any trouble, but once she had her mind set on something, there was no stopping her.  I liked how she seemed to break down Jason’s walls that he had put up since everyone had deserted him.  She really proved to be a good friend and I loved seeing how close they became during this book.  As the book ended, you began to learn the secrets that Jason kept and I really loved him and Katy together.  I also loved seeing how much they each grew in this book and I was pulling for them the entire way!

Things Good Girls Don’t Do by Codi Gary
As I started this book, I was thinking it was the same old thing; bad boy meets good girl.  It had some things that seemed familiar to others but yet had a little twist.  Katie had been raised to be the perfect daughter but yet she felt trapped.  There were things she wanted to do but never had the nerve, until Chase.  Katie had decided she wanted to try new things and made a list of things she felt she needed to do, but never had the nerve.  Bad boy Chase finds her list and wants to be the one to help her with her list.  As much as she says she is willing to try without getting attached, as they say ‘never say never’.  Chase is definitely one she can’t say no to and I love seeing him break Katie out of her shell.  As opposite as they are, they make the perfect couple.

Red by Kim Jones
I loved Kim’s Saving Dallas series and when I saw this one, I knew it was a must read.  This is the prequel telling the story of how Red and Regg met and fell in love.  Red was a stripper and an addict but from the time Regg and Red met, you could feel the sparks fly!!
As Red was arrested and sentenced, Regg saved the day and helped her in every way possible.  I really fell for Regg in this book because he was such a strong man and was really her rock who was so patient with her.  I loved how loyal he was to the club but I really enjoyed getting into his personal life and seeing how different he was from the big bad tough biker.
We also met Luke and learned how Red and Luke became such good friends.  He is so loyal to her and is the kind of friend everyone needs.  Red certainly doesn’t make it easy for Luke or Regg but neither one is willing to back down and that was what Red needed to survive.  I liked seeing how much Red changed throughout this book and Regg and Red were definitely destined to be together!!

Forever His Baby by Airicka Phoenix
When I read the synopsis for the book, I was immediately thinking ‘what in the world’.  I couldn’t imagine how this book would turn out so I was pleasantly surprised with this one.
Lily had just found out she was pregnant by her best friend Cole.  Cole had just left their small town to attend college and try to be successful.  Lily had always loved Sloan, Cole’s older brother, and ended up turning to him for help.  Sloan had spent his entire life trying to save Cole from their abusive father.  I loved how protective he was over Cole.  Little did Lily know that Sloan loved her too.  Sloan was just so amazing and how he wanted to take care of Lily, no matter how much they knew they would be the town gossip.  I really felt bad for Lily but I did love how Sloan was always there to pick her up and be what she needed.  She saw how happy Cole was and didn’t know what would be the right thing to do and I didn’t envy her for the choices she had to make.  I must say I loved how everything turned out in the end and it was so different from other books I’ve read.

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