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Heart Recaptured by Tillie Cole 
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After reading It Ain’t Me, Babe, I was anxious to start this one as soon as it was released.  I definitely was not disappointed and I just couldn’t put this book down.  We met Delilah in book one after being ‘rescued’ by the Hades Hangmen.  After reading book one, I didn’t think anyone could be more naïve but Delilah certainly was.  She was so brainwashed by the commune that I didn’t think she would ever understand the real world.
When Ky takes Delilah in to keep her safe, he certainly had no idea what he was in for.  But, from the moment he saw her in book one, he knew he wanted to know more about her.  I loved Ky because even though he was one tough biker, he had the patience of a saint to put up with Delilah and having to teach her the ways of the outside world.  As I said, I just couldn’t put this book down and I really love this MC.  I can’t wait for the next book in this series!!

Incandescent by River Savage
I’ve had this book on my TBR list for a little while and when a friend recommended I read it, I decided I would try it and I was pleasantly surprised.  So many MC books here lately have not impressed me but this one I really enjoyed.
Kadence was Nix’s daughter’s teacher and knew he was a definite no-no in her book.  She was the innocent schoolteacher and he was president of the Knights Rebels.  But once Nix set his eyes on Kadence, he couldn’t get her out of his mind.  As much as she tries to deny it, Nix is unstoppable when he wants something, and he wants her.  Nix definitely has a dirty mouth that Kadence won’t soon forget and his advances leave her drooling, and even me at times.  I love Nix and Kadence together and how much she seems to transform herself into the woman he needs, without losing herself in the process.  Now, I’m diving into book two, Affliction.

Affliction by River Savage
We met Sy and Holly in book one and you know they both have secrets so when this book came out, I knew I needed to find out more.  What a surprise this was and I just couldn’t seem to put this one down.  
Holly and Sy’s secrets seem to pull them apart but reunite them at the same time.  Holly had always been sassy and just what Sy needed.  Until tragedy struck and she withdrew from everyone.  While she was pulling away, she didn’t know that Sy had his own demons that he had been dealing with.  It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting but I loved seeing the tender and caring side of him.  You find out that each of their struggles seems to bring them closer and balance each other out.  I loved seeing Holly pull Sy out of his personal hell and my heart broke many times for him.  As I said with book one, I am really enjoying this MC series and am looking forward to seeing what River comes up with next.

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