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Everybody's After Love by Lyssa Layne
Everybody's After Love is a cute, quick read. The story is sweet, Jules is a fun lead and Bentley a sweet and charming hero. I loved the way they met and the way their relationship progressed. The relationship between Jules and her brother was also enjoyable and I especially liked the relationship between Jules and her future sister-in-law and the way it changed and developed. The writing was a bit bland for my taste, just jumping from scene to scene too quickly with not a lot of emotion behind it but that helped make it an easy read. There were a few random aspects thrown in that felt somewhat unnecessary to the plot, but they didn't hold up the story any.  For a nice Sunday afternoon read, this book was perfect. 

Heart Thaw by Liz Reinhardt
Read Julie's mini-review HERE
I wanted to love this book, I wanted to like this book, but unfortunately that wasn't the case for me. Best friend's brother stories are usually my favorite and I liked the premise of Heart Thaw, Sadie and Trent had one night of passion but she didn't believe anything could come of it and essentially ran. Fast forward a few years, months maybe, I'm not a hundred percent sure, the timeline wasn't quite clear or I just missed it when I started skimming. I don't think I ever knew Trent's age either. And who the heck are Monty and Lloyd? Anyways, Sadie and Trent are thrown back together when she needs help getting home for Christmas and things between them are tense. Trent is determined to get Sadie to see that they could be perfect together but she wasn't having it. I never really connected to them as a couple nor cared for them individually. Trent was portrayed as absolutely perfect but Sadie not so much, which made it hard to see why Trent wanted her so badly. Other than the relationship between Sadie and Trent there was a lot going on in this book and a lot of, what I felt were unnecessary, details. After the first few chapters, the book started to drag and became a tad bit depressing for me. Heart Thaw wasn't the light-hearted Christmas read I had anticipated and it felt as if it needed a bit more polishing. As I said before, I really wanted to like this book and I think many people will (read Julie's review to see another opinion), it just didn't work for me. 

Love Me Sweet by Tracy Brogan
ARC provided by NetGalley
Releases Jan. 27th
Love Me Sweet is the third book in the Bell Harbor series, which I was not aware of when I started, but it can easily be read as a standalone. I never once felt lost not having read the others. This was just the lighthearted romantic read I was looking for. Delaney Masterson has run away from the the paparazzi and scandal her ex created and ends up in Bell Harbor. Grant Connelly quits his camerman job and finally comes home, only to realize his house has been rented out unbeknownst to him. Delaney and Grant have great chemistry from the start and their story went places I wasn't expecting. This book kept me highly entertained from beginning to end. I'm not gonna lie, Love Me Sweet was corny at times, but it was the cute corny that had me grinning at the silly dialogue and adorable side characters. This story was sweet and romantic and fun with characters that I enjoyed. I have no doubt I will be reading more of this series when I'm looking a light contemporary romance!

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