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Heart Thaw by Liz Reinhardt 
If you're looking for a fast and light read, then this is one to pick up. I quickly read it in one sitting and it pleasantly surprised me. 
Trent is Sadie's best friend's younger brother. Even though they do have a past, she knows it can never amount to anything but Trent will not be persuaded otherwise. He knows he wants her and will stop at nothing to have her. 
As much as you see Sadie trying to deny her feelings for Trent, his persistence is what breaks down her walls and changes her mind. You quickly find out that no matter how much she protests, you cannot deny the truth. 
Trent and Sadie are such the perfect couple because their families are so close. After Trent has suffered a tragic loss, it pulls their family together even closer. I loved all of the characters in this book and I definitely fell for Trent myself! 

Ice by Chelsea Camaron and Jessie Lane 
If there ever was a couple that are complete opposites, it would be Ice and Morgan. She's an innocent investment banker and he’s the big tough biker of the Regulators MC. Their personalities are completely different but they blend together to make a perfect couple. 
When Morgan's sister and Ice's daughter get into trouble, Ice is the one to save the day. Needless to say, he isn't happy with Morgan and her sister but yet she keeps popping up in his life. As Morgan finds herself needing Ice's help, I love to see how his walls start to break down. He begins to feel things he hasn't felt in years. Morgan feels they aren't meant to be, but Ice is so persistent. 
I fell for Ice immediately. He's tough, hot, sexy, and so protective. Who doesn't want that? I love how Morgan breaks down the ice around his heart and how he is so caring with Morgan. 
I'm ready for more of the Regulators! 

Ripped by Katy Evans 
I’ve always been a fan of Katy Evans and that will never change. However, I had mixed emotions about this book. Pandora and Mackenna had been each other’s first loves and were separated by circumstances I won’t reveal. Years later, when his band has come to town, Pandora knows she wants to see him but yet she doesn’t. I feel her pain because she really feels like he ‘ripped’ her heart in two. Mackenna has hated Pandora since their break-up and once he sees her, you can feel they fire he must have had in his eyes. 
I liked how this book blended in the characters from the previous books and the sarcasm and humor from Mackenna and Pandora is hilarious. I just wasn’t drawn into this book like I had been the first ones. I’m a romantic and believe in first love and I was pulling for them once they reunited. It wasn’t easy for them, that’s for sure. As I said, I liked it, but didn’t love it. I guess my heart just belongs with Remy. 

Don’t Close Your Eyes by Hilary Storm 
What a fast paced this book was! It was a slam, bam, fall in love immediately kind of story. Olivia had lost her husband and was not looking for a man. Not until Liam barged his way into her life. Liam really swept her off her feet but after we find out his secret, even I wanted to know if his intentions were true. 
I loved Liam and how protective he was over Olivia, especially when we find out why. What I didn’t care for was Olivia. She had this poor me attitude so much that it seemed to slow the book down. Even though it was a quick read, that was what slowed the book’s story for me. I never really felt like I connected with her like I should have, but I did like how Liam seemed to get her to open up and make her feel something and learn to love again. 

Rush by Stevie J. Cole 
When we met Jag in book one, I didn’t think anyone could be more of a manwhore than Jag, until Rush. We are with their band Pandemic Sorrow and really get in behind those closed doors. Rush has known for years he has had feelings for Jules and as much as he has tried, Jules kept pushing him away. As much as I like how much he tried, I was really frustrated with things he still did. I guess I’m a softie but I felt like he should have tried to prove his feelings a little more. I must say no matter how hard Jules tried, Rush was quite a force to be reckoned with. His smart and sassy mouth left me laughing at times, but yet I could feel he was missing something from his life; and that was love. Even though he slept around, he was still lonely and there’s where I felt so bad for him. 
This is one wild book with a great love/hate relationship between Rush and Jules but you know they can’t deny the passion between them and it is definitely HOT! I liked getting more of Jag’s previous story and the blending in with the other guys from the band. What a wild ride this was!!

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