Julie Reviews Livvy by Lori L. Otto

In her first year of college at Yale, challenging courses and new friends provide a much-needed distraction for Livvy Holland. Beyond the tears–for the most part– she won’t allow the lingering anger she harbors toward her ex-boyfriend to consume her.

Even after taking steps to conceal her identity, Livvy is still very recognizable and popular among her new classmates. She takes advantage of her situation and accepts dates with multiple guys, trying to piece together an image of ‘her type of guy’ that differs from all the good qualities Jon Scott once possessed.

An unexpected letter arrives on Livvy’s 18th birthday, shifting her focus and forcing her to reevaluate all the relationships in her life. She now knows the identity of her biological father, and struggles to make sense of the news alone. Fortunately, she won’t have to.

Just as Livvy’s life begins to normalize, one of her professors provides her with the creative opportunity of a lifetime. Trusting in the bonds she’s made with everyone she loves, she believes she can have everything she wants and makes the decision that allows her to be true to herself.

She was chosen for a reason. Chosen to be a gifted artist that–with a few strokes of a paintbrush–could touch people emotionally; profoundly. Chosen by her parents so they had a place to share their boundless love and devotion. Chosen by her friend so he could return the encouragement, inspiration and affection she’d shown him for so many years.

Livvy Holland will never again take her position in life for granted. She wears the name with humility and respect. She is Choisie.
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What a beautiful ending to this story and I am simply in awe of Lori’s writing more so than ever. I cannot express how much I enjoyed this series and I have laughed and cried throughout this book, but it has been well worth the tears.

Livvy picks up where Dear Jon left off where we find Livvy away at Yale and Jon is at Columbia. Livvy is determined to make it on her own and try to start a new life, but her heart has always been with Jon. Even though she tries to date, she doesn’t seem to feel connected with anyone. You can really feel her love for Jon is ever-present in her daily life and that just really broke my heart for her.

“You are my home. You are my heart. You are my love.” – Livvy

When Livvy finds herself reaching out to Jon, it’s certainly like nothing she had expected. I must say that I think I was even nervous for her as well because I was so anxious to know what would happen next.

As Livvy comes home to celebrate her birthday, she is taken aback when a piece of her past threatens to upset her future. This surprise is one I certainly wasn’t expecting but I love how well it flowed into the story so beautifully. When Jon does reach out to her and finds her in a volatile state, they both seem to feel their connection is still there.

“Thank you for being the only woman in the world to me. My existence would be desolate and abject without you. It’s a life I wouldn’t enjoy.” – Jon

I love seeing how they reacquaint themselves with each other and how mature they seem in that they want to try to get past their issues. You can feel their strengths and weaknesses as they both try to decide if they can get past their insecurities to be able to move on. I must say that their love is amazing and so beautiful and this book really pulled at my heart in so many ways.

As the book progresses, I found myself being practically consumed by their story. I was so intrigued and determined to finish as quickly as possible; I just could not put it down.

As Jon and Livvy’s story continues, circumstances occur that may threaten their future, testing whether they have what they need to move forward. 

“I may be your partner, but you are my soul mate, by my definition: the person without whom my soul will not rest.” – Jon

This book will definitely make you believe in young love and will pull you into the lives of these characters. You find out things aren’t as easy as they may seem and there were many times I was nervous by not knowing what to expect and the tears were flowing.

“You’re my universe. You encompass me. My heaven and my earth. My Olivia. My life.” – Jon

As the book reaches the end, we get Jack’s pov and how he feels at seeing his Contessa grow up. I’ve always loved Jack from the moment I met him and Emi. Through his eyes, you sense what a brilliant husband and father he truly is. As much as I’ve always liked Jon, I do think my own heart lies with Jack. He’s the kind of husband and father that everyone should have in their life. Even when he knows he is not the number one person in Livvy’s life any more, and knows he must let her go face her future, he handles it with such grace that left me tearing up because his pov is just breathtaking.

Ever since the first book of Lori’s I read, the depth of her writing always amazes me. Her books are so well written, with such detail embroidered into each book. Lori’s books may be quite lengthy, but they are the type that keep me interested from front to back, and this one was no exception. There is no lagging in her writing that I have found in other books I’ve read before, and they are so beautifully written. I am anxiously waiting to see what she will come up with next. Livvy was really more than a 5 star read for me! 


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