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Underneath it All by Kate Canterbary
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
"Sugar and spice, all of it nice."
Underneath It All is made up of all the things I love to be a good contemporary read! It has a heroine I adored, a hero that I easily fell for, strong lust that leads to a great romance, wonderful banter and intriguing family on the side I’m dying to get to know more. Lauren has a dream of running her own school and Matthew is the architect she’s hired to help make that dream a reality. From the moment they meet sparks fly and they soon fall into an easy pattern of “going out for drinks.” I enjoyed the push and pull from their relationship, I understood where Lauren was coming from with the pulling away and I admired how willing Matthew was to go after her, he knew what he wanted and I liked that. Underneath It All is told in dual POVs and Canterbary did a wonderful job giving Lauren and Matthew distinct voices, they matched their respective personalities well. This book is extremely sexy without it becoming too much. I thoroughly enjoyed this witty, sweet, and passionate story. I have no doubt I'll be continuing this series.

Unethical by Jennifer Blackwood
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
Unethical had the potential to be a great book, all the key components were there, but none were fully fleshed out enough for me to enjoy it. There was a lot going on in the story, I was never quite sure where the focus was supposed to be, on Payton and Blake’s relationship, on Payton’s issues with her father, or one of the several other things happening on the side. I never really connected to Payton and Blake nor their relationship; I wish the story had delved a little deeper into their feelings. The story line with Payton's father was intriguing, but ended up falling flat. I often found myself skimming through the internal musings of both characters; I just needed more from this book. I wanted to like it, because I liked the idea of it all, but it didn't work for me.

Scratch by Rhonda Helms
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
This was my second Rhonda Helms book and I enjoyed it much more than the first I read of hers, but it still didn’t rock my socks. Casey is very closed-off due to things from her past; the want to know what happened to her was what kept me reading for the most part. The relationship between Daniel and Casey was my other reason to keep reading. It was sweet and slow and real. They both make mistakes, she’s keeping secrets and he pushes her too hard. I just never connected to the characters, I never really felt for Casey and her horrible past nor did I really fall in love with Casey and Daniel’s love story. I wish Casey being a DJ that had been explore more, with the cover and title I thought it would play a major role in the story and it never really did. I liked Scratch well enough, but it was just missing something to make me really love it.

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