Review: Beautiful Outlaw by Emily Minton

After the last fourteen years of surviving as a walking, talking, living doll, Laura feels dead inside.

She has sacrificed everything for her family, marrying a man she could never love. Her husband doesn’t beat her, doesn’t berate her. He transforms her, forcing her to live as a stand-in for his long dead wife. She stays silent as piece after piece of herself disappears, willing to do anything to protect the people she loves.

When his demands go too far, she finally tells her brother the ugly truth.

Wanting to protect her without putting the rest of their family at risk, he sends her to the one place he knows she’ll be safe. He places her into the hands of his best friend, Vice President of the Savage Outlaws MC.

Once again, she is transformed into someone new; Shay.

Bowie has spent many nights dreaming about his best friend’s little sister. The reality is so much sweeter than his dreams. He wants to be more for Shay, needs to protect her, but he’s not sure if he knows how.

Can an Outlaw show her how beautiful life should be?


I’ve always been a fan of Emily’s and when this new MC series came out, I knew I needed it ASAP!  I definitely wasn’t disappointed and really need more of this series and the Savage Outlaws MC.  I really think this is her best one yet with the way the story is well developed and so mysterious.

Beautiful Outlaw begins with Laura, who is married to Marcus, and he has really put her through hell.  He knew once he laid eyes on her, he would have her and would do what it took to make her his.  As she found herself and her family being threatened by him, she does the only thing she knew to do and that was to marry him.  Even though she knew she was saving her family, she lost herself in the process.  

Marcus is one man I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  He has a huge secret and wants to transform Laura into the perfect wife, not caring what it does to her.  He alienates her from her friends and family and I definitely wanted to see him suffer for what he put her through.

As Laura decides she needs help, she calls her long lost brother, Jeremy, to save the day.  Needless to say, he’s not pleased to see her after she deserted her family but once he hears her story, we find out quickly how much he loves his sister and what lengths he will go to to save her.  I loved seeing that even though Jeremy was a cop, he knew what he must do to get her away from that monster.

Jeremy does the only thing he knows to do and that’s to send her to his former army buddy, Bowie.  Bowie is a member of the Savage Outlaws MC and when he gets the call from Jeremy, he knows he wants to help his former comrade.  Being he remembers Laura from old pictures, he knows he will have her in his bed and soon.  I do admire that even though he is such a badass biker, he really does have a heart.  Sometimes, he just has to find it, and that’s what I love about him.  He’s sex-on-a-stick, hot, but so caring and loyal that I think I was drooling during parts of the book. He is one man that could protect me any day!

As Laura arrives, she is now Shay and is completely the opposite of what Bowie remembered.  He sees she is nothing like she used to be and really has a stick up her ass.  As the book progresses, and Shay starts to get her old self back, Bowie soon realizes that deep down under her fa├žade, she is still the same woman he remembered.  As they are drawn together, and Shay finds herself in danger, Bowie knows he will protect what’s his and not let anything stand in his way.  I love that he is so protective and such an alpha male!  Totally H O T!!!

“I’ve been yours since the minute I climbed on the back of your bike.” - Shay

The twists and turns in this book left me speechless with a WTH is happening at different parts of this book.  Not only do we have Shay fighting her demons, but also Bowie is threatened by someone close to him and the club.  There were times I just wanted to sling my Kindle because I was so fed up with some of the characters.  But, that never happened because I couldn’t put it down from start to finish.  I admire Emily for the way she writes her books because once you get started, you just can’t stop.  I love the development of the characters and the action and suspense left me reeling.  The chemistry between Bowie and Shay was hot and I loved seeing the pull from each of them as they are being drawn together.  Shay is one strong character in this book and I don’t envy her at all for what she went through with Marcus.  I also fell in love with Jeremy and hope to get more of him in future books.  As the book wound down, there is an even bigger secret that I didn’t anticipate at all.   This is a 4.5 star book for me and I need more of the Savage Outlaws MC soon!!  I sure hope we don’t have to wait too long!!



I push Shay in front of my body. She tries to pull away, but I tighten my grip and lean down to whisper in her ear. “Don’t move.”

My voice has her shaking; her fear is so strong that I swear I can taste it, but this shit has to be done. Putting my hand under her chin and lifting her eyes to the crowd. I run my other hand up to cup her breast, making sure the boys get my point, as I start to talk. “Take a good look, brothers. This here is mine. If I even hear of one of you laying a finger on her, I will fuckin’ kill you.”

A few hoots and hollers fill the room, but I ignore them. I look around, just to be sure everyone understands. “I claim her as my property. She’s my Old Lady. Stay the fuck away from her.”

With that, I lower my hand from her face and place it on her arm. I pull her along as I make my way to my room. As soon as I step inside, I slam the door. Looking down at her, I lay out the rules. “Never fight me in front of those boys, and I mean fuckin’ ever. If you don’t like what I do, tell me when we’re alone. Throw all the sass you want behind closed doors, but never show anything but complete respect in front of them.”

Her face is hard. Instead of the tears I expected to see, her eyes are burning with anger. “So, I can say whatever I want right now?”

Her voice comes out in a hiss, as she crosses her arms. Every inch of her is vibrating with fury, and she looks hot as hell. I nod, trying not to crack a smile. “Yeah, any fuckin’ thing you want.”

She lifts a hand, point a finger at my chest. “Next time you decide to treat me like a piece of meat, give me a little warning. Tell me you’re about to parade me in front of a bunch of bikers and let them look their fill. Don’t scare the hell out of me like that.”

“Is that all?” I ask, still working to keep my laughter in check.

She moves forward, her finger now poking me. “I’ll treat you with respect, but you are going to do the same for me. I’ll play your little lap dog in front of your friends, but you better not do something like that to me ever again. If you do, I’ll be out of here and back at Nina’s before you can even blink an eye.”

The humor of the moment dies a fast death, and I reach down and grab her. Walking her back to the bed, I push her down and climb over her. As I cage her body below mine, I start to speak. “Never fuckin’ threaten me again. You’re not going to Nina’s or any damn where else. You’re mine, and you better never forget it.”

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USA Today Best Selling Author, Emily Minton is a Kentucky native. She claims she bleeds blue--Wildcat Blue! Emily loves to read, and this love of the written word led to her writing career.

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