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Deep Blue by Jules Barnard
I had been looking for NA book that had a lighter storyline from what I had been reading lately and this one hit the spot.  This is one book I really enjoyed and I devoured it quickly.
The characters are great, the relationship between Cali and Jaeger, her brother’s friend, is amazing, and also steamy.  Cali is one strong female character who knew what she wanted and went after it.  I was pulling for her and Jaeger all throughout the book and you will not disappointed!

Blue Crush by Jules Barnard
Blue Crush is book two in the Blue Series and it’s just as good as the first one.  We met Genevieve in book one and this is her story about her starting over with her new life.  Working at the casino and trying to avoid men, she couldn’t deny her attraction to Lewis.  So when she decides to enter an endurance race where he helps her train, the attraction is definitely there.
I loved seeing Gen fight her battles and want to be so independent but who could deny Lewis?  I certainly couldn’t.  I’m really enjoying this series and ready for the next book!!

Nocte by Courtney Cole
What a spellbinder this was!!  I had heard the hype and knew I had to get this one and I loved it!!  So twisted and suspenseful, but oh so good!!
Calla and her twin Finn were so much alike in so many ways.  I can’t go into much detail or it will give it away but as she faces tragedy and struggles, Dare seems to be just the safety net she needs.  It’s not your typical romance book, and that’s one thing that I think I enjoyed so much about this book.  I’m just speechless and by the end, I was thinking I need to re-read it to let more of it sink.  It was just that good for me!  I’m definitely ready for more!

Rock My Body by Michelle Valentine
This is the last book in the Black Falcon series and I’m really sad.  I’ve read all of them and have enjoyed each and every one and this was certainly a way to end the series.
Now, we have Tyke, who is struggling as a member of the band and pretty much destroys everything around him.  He ends up going to rehab where he meets Francine.  She has her own demons she is fighting and knows that Tyke is the last thing she needs.  As the sessions begin, the sparks do fly!  The chemistry in this book is just wow and I loved seeing Tyke become the man he should be to make the band proud.  It’s not an easy road for Tyke or Francine and I can say I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I found myself slowing down as I read it because I really hated to see the end of the series.  Great job Michelle!!

Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn
I had heard so much about this book and everyone kept saying to read it and I am so glad I did!  It is one of those books that left me with a WTH happened by the end.
We have Ginny who was kidnapped in 1975 by a motorcycle club.  She was 15 and just learning more about life.  Grizz, the leader of the MC, knew he wanted Ginny and would have her no matter what it took.
As the years progress, Grizz has changed everything Ginny ever knew about her life, including her name.  It amazed me how much she changed and adapted herself to be what he needed.  Grizz is such a badass and one tough biker but he did love Ginny with all he had.
As Grizz finds himself and the club in danger, he does the only thing he knows to do for Ginny.  I was hooked on this book, and hardly slept because once I started it, I couldn’t stop.  The twists and turns in this book left me on the edge of my seat and completely speechless!!

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