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Breakdown by Ellie Grace
Breakdown is one of these kinds of romance books that I enjoy reading and it was a refreshing pace of what I’ve been reading lately. Amy has always crushed on her brother’s friend, Nate, but knew she never had a chance. All of his friends had known she was ‘off limits’ and was never looked at as anything as a friend. Nate is oh so dreamy and the typical boy next door whom everyone seems to want to love.
As the book and time progresses, Nate begins to see her as a woman and not just the little sister of his friend. As much as they both think they can’t be together, we all know that can only last for so long. I love seeing how much they try to deny what their feelings are but yet they know they can’t. They make the cutest couple and I found this book to be enjoyable because I quickly fell in love with Nate and Amy. It’s a cute and sweet story that is also a quick read that I recommend.

Bright Side by Kim Holden
Simply beautiful and heartbreaking are the first words that come to mind with this book. Kate, Gus, and Keller have the most amazing relationships that I’ve read recently in a book and this book threw me for a loop. I went into this book blind without reading a synopsis. I had been hearing it was a great book and so I dove right in. With the title being Bright Side, I went in thinking it’s a happy and carefree book. Boy, was I mistaken! But, it was so worth the tears. And believe me, there were plenty of them.
Kate and Gus had this undeniable bond of friendship unlike many books that I have read. He’s a hot rock star and has been by her side almost her entire life, and it’s not been an easy one at all. They have been each other’s constant in their lives and it was beautifully portrayed in this book. 
So, now Kate leaves for college with no plans at all of finding a guy or much less falling in love until Keller walks into her life. She knows with her future that she has planned that a man will not fit in it and to avoid love at all costs. But Keller is one of those men that you simply cannot deny. He’s such a sweetheart and has one of the best hearts I’ve seen. I think I’m still swooning over him myself.
As Kate and Keller become closer, we find they each have secrets; one that could devastate the other and completely threw me for a loop. I think that besides the unique storyline is the beautiful bond between these characters. It’s a touching and very moving story that requires plenty of tissues but I highly recommend this. Aside from the heartache, I do believe it’s one of my favorite books!

Rellik by Teresa Mummert
Rellik is one of those books that I had on my wish list forever and I was so glad when it was released. It really surprised me because it was different from others that I read.
We have Rellik who is only interested in his band and in the women. He tosses the women out when he’s done and doesn’t regret it or look back. Believe me, he is crass and I just wanted to punch him.
“She’d tamed the beast and given me a reason to live. We weren’t anywhere near perfect, but we fit perfectly together.”
Ella is trying to simply survive and to support herself and when she finds herself in a precarious situation, Rellik is the only one who can help her, in more ways than one.
“She was a flame. I was gasoline, and together we burned – an inferno so hot, it would consume us both.”
We soon find out they have this connection that links them together and they soon delve into the journey to amend the past. I definitely wasn’t expecting the twists along the way or how passionate Rellik is when he knows what he wants. He definitely gets it and his character really surprised me in this book because he is a rare find. It is quite the interesting story and I found that from reading this, that Teresa’s writing has seemed to have grown and improved with time. This book was well thought out and developed into not only a great romance but some suspense thrown in as well.

Raven by Ashley Suzanne
Raven is one of those books that will sneak up on you with a different kind of story that pulled me into until the end. I was hooked from the beginning with Rian and Garrett’s story and couldn’t put it down.
“You know you’re in exactly the right place in life when your reality is better than your dreams.”
Garrett and Rian are one of those couples that are just meant to be and seem to last throughout time. But it’s definitely not an easy road. It seems just as they get together, they are pulled apart. When Rian doesn’t know what to do, she runs. This is the only thing that irked me was that when things got tough, she took off. She didn’t face her feelings and I just wanted to slap some sense into her.
When Rian decides she wants to train to fight, she had no idea Garrett would walk back into her life when she least expected it but as we know, it’s still not an easy fix for her. There are obstacles in the way but I love seeing them conquer them and truly fight for what they want.
“Baby, this isn’t even love. It’s so much more. The feelings I have for you go far beyond what most people will ever experience in their lives. When God created us, he cut us from the same mold, always a part of one another.”
When circumstances change, Rian finds out she needs him more than she ever has. I do love her strength. She hasn’t had it easy but she is surely determined. Garrett is just simply WOW and I do love getting some of his povs as well. Rian is one strong woman and fights for her life in more ways than one and this book definitely kept me interested in wanting to find out if they find their way back to each other or not. This book was pleasantly surprising and an enjoyable quick read for me.

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