Julie Reviews All I Need Vol. 2 by Scarlett Metal

Things aren't always as they seem. I've learned that lesson more than once since I met Cane Stephens. 

My life had become a never ending emotional rollercoaster, and I wanted off.

I fucking hated the turmoil.

But I loved him.

How had my life become such a mess?
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ARC provided by author.


This second novella picks up right where Volume One ended so it’s a must that you read that one first.

Lindsey has just had the shock of her life when she returns to Cane’s hotel room and meets his wife.  Cane is left speechless because of course he doesn’t remember getting married.  I must say I was so nervous as I devoured this novella not knowing what to expect.  We all know Cane from the first volume and he is definitely a man who you never know what to expect from one minute to the next.  

As the novella progresses and we get more of the truth, we also see Lindsey and Cane’s relationship deepen.  Not only do you get scorching results from the attraction they have for each other, but also you get a deeper side of Cane that I just loved.  He’s not only a bad boy rocker who is sexy as hell, but he has such a sweet and caring side with Lindsey.  

“I’ve never been in a relationship before and I never thought I wanted one.  Until you.  You make me want to try.” – Cane

As I’m reading their story and wanting their happy ending, of course there’s always something else that will come along and try to keep them apart.  Will their love survive?  I’m dying to know!!  I’ve always been a fan of Scarlett’s and this series is one that is proving to be one of my favorites!  It’s a quick read that gets right to the point with a great love story with hot and steamy scenes added into the mix.  I give this one 5 stars and Scarlett, I’m ready for more!! 


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