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Black Lies by Alessandra Torre
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Wow, this is by far one of the best books I have read lately. A few of my blogger friends told me I had to check this one out and I loved it! I must say that as I started this book, I was very skeptical and as I was reading, I found myself getting angry because it was approaching a subject I’m not fond of in books.
Layana is a beautiful young woman raised in the perfect life of luxury and wealth. Her mom raised her to expect a husband and the white picket fence with her happily ever after. When she meets Brant, she surely didn’t know her life would change in more ways than one.
Brant is a highly successful billionaire and is quite taken with Layana and they soon have this perfect relationship, or so you think. Brant and Layana seem quite happy and in love until she meets Lee. He’s fun, sexy, and quite opposite of Brant and I think that’s what draws her into him. As the book progresses and secrets are exposed, we soon find out that looks can be quite deceiving! This book comes with an impeccable twist that really blew me away and left me with quite the hangover when I was finished.

Storm by Carian Cole
If you’re looking for a good book where opposites attract, then you want to check out this one. Evelyn is on her way to a meeting and ends up wrecking in a snow storm. Along comes Storm to save the day! Evelyn is really a plain Jane living with her boyfriend of twelve years and really just existing with no excitement in her life. Storm is a tatted, pierced, eyeliner wearing enigma to her. While trapped in the storm, they form an unlikely bond and she is definitely surprised to find he’s in a rock band.
But, she knows no matter how much she is attracted to him, she feels he could never fall for her. As she soon finds out her perfect life is far from it, she decides to open up to Storm and I must say I fell for him myself! He’s such a sweetheart but yet so hot and he definitely left me speechless with some of his sweet nothings.

Rival by Penelope Douglas
I have a few mixed emotions about this book.  It is one of those that was just okay for me.  I mean, I loved Madoc and I liked Fallon somewhat but the dynamics around their relationship turned me off somewhat in this book.
They sure had their work cut out for them trying to be together and it wasn’t easy.  As much as I love Penelope’s writing and this is worth the read, it’s just not one that really stuck with me like I hoped it would.

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