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Reaper’s Stand by Joanna Wylde
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It seems Joanna is one writer that definitely stays at the top of my favorite author list. This is one sequel that I’ve been patiently waiting for because I so desperately wanted Picnic’s story and I definitely was NOT let down with this one.
Picnic was president of the Reaper’s MC, his wife had died, and he raised his daughters himself. He was such a good guy but yet such a badass too. He’s so tender at times that I think I must have been drooling onto my Kindle. When London entered his life, he started having feelings he never thought he would have again. She wasn’t an easy woman to get to know and I loved seeing their relationship progress. He definitely was patient and I loved seeing him have so many emotions in this book. One of my favorite things about this book was that he was older and knew what he wanted in life. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading about hot and sexy young couples, but there is also nothing like reading about an older one as well. Joanna never ceases to amaze me with how well the characters are portrayed and I love seeing the whole club involved in yet another book. I want more of the Reapers!!

Deserved by Kira Johns
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I knew that when I read the first two books in this series, Destroyed and Destined, that I would have to jump on this as soon as it was released. It is a must that you read book one and book two before reading this one because each book is a continuation of the previous one.
In Deserved, it is now five years later and Jade is a single mom making it on her own until circumstances changed and she is forced to move back to the Satan’s Rebels MC. The club takes her under their wing to protect her and keep her safe. While there, she runs back into Shadow, who has been married since she left. My heart really broke for him because since he let Jade slip through his fingers again, he had an unhappy marriage but felt that he deserved to be unhappy after what he had done to her.
Jade is yet again one tough woman in this final book and I really admire Kira for giving this female character such strength in a book. If you have read book one and book two, then you know that this poor girl has been through pure hell. Well, it’s not over in this one and when her past comes into her present, it really blew me away and left me speechless. As secrets unfold, will Jade and Shadow find their way to each other? Hmm, I will never tell but I must say I really loved this series. The secrets will surprise you!!

Hate: A Love Story by Laurel Ulen Curtis
Review to come!

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Beta by Jasinda Wilder
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