Julie Reviews Chasing Abby by Cassia Leo

The heart-stopping conclusion to the New York Times and USA Today bestselling series.

Five years, six months, eight days….

It’s been eighteen years since Abigail was born with a hole in her heart. Five years since she collapsed on the soccer field. Five years, six months, eight days since she found out she was adopted.

Abby has spent five years wondering about the family she never knew and waiting for her eighteenth birthday. When Abby shows up on the doorstep of Chris and Claire Knight, her birth parents are overjoyed to see the little girl they lost eighteen years ago.

One summer is all they have to make up for the years they lost. But a summer of love soon turns into a summer of heartache.
ARC provided by author. 


WOW is the first thing I want to say about this book!! If you haven’t read Cassia’s Shattered Hearts Series, they are a must read before starting this book. Each book was amazing, but I do believe that this one was the best one yet. Chasing Abby is an emotional rollercoaster that will make you happy, sad, and also angry. It’s one of those that I just couldn’t put down until I finished it and it didn’t matter that I stayed up until 3 am. It was well worth it for me. 

In the Shattered Hearts Series, we met Claire and Chris in Forever Ours and fell in love with them. Then, we had Relentless, Pieces of You, and Bring Me Home where we get more about them and their relationship. Chasing Abby is about Abby, their daughter. It’s now eighteen years later and Abby shows up at their door wanting to meet them after being raised by her adoptive parents. Along with Abby, we meet Caleb and what a beautiful couple they make. 

“Caleb is my constant. Caleb is the rope that keeps me tethered to reality. As long as I have Caleb, I’ll get through this.” - Abby 

Abby and Caleb have this undying connection, even at a young age. It’s the type of relationship that people dream about. Abby has had heart problems since she was born and Caleb always make sure she takes her medicine and is right by her side as she meets Chris and Claire. He’s her rock in everything she does and I admire him for the way he takes care of Abby, he’s always so tender and caring. 

When Abby meets Chris and Claire, all of them are left speechless. Claire and Chris never thought they would see the day Abby would show up wanting to meet them. They are definitely shocked and it’s such a special moment for them all. I feel like I am right there with them watching it unfold. 

“I’ve wanted you from the moment I found out I was pregnant. There was never, ever a moment where I felt my life was better without you.” - Claire 

As they decide to spend the summer together, it ends up being a summer that no one will soon forget. I really enjoyed seeing the relationship grow between Chris, Claire, and Abby but I love how her and Caleb’s connection became that much stronger. 

“I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re all I have left.” – Caleb 

As the summer progresses, you can really feel how close they all are becoming and I think I fell in love even more with Chris than in the first three books. He is such a strong character and an excellent father. Chris and Claire are wonderful parents and I love seeing them bond with Abby. They are also really impressed with Caleb and how well he takes care of Abby and can see the love he has for her. 

Abby’s adoptive parents come back into play and I feel like they are so jealous of the relationship she is having with her biological parents. I know they are hurt that Abby wants them in their life, but I don’t think they realize that Abby has enough room in her heart for all of them. Because of their interference, there is a big curveball thrown into the story that I was definitely not expecting!! 

This is where Cassia really ripped my heart out and I definitely needed tissues. But believe me, it was well worth it and I had a book hangover that I won’t soon forget. Cassia’s writing has always been superb for me, and I love how well she can always pull at your heart with the many emotions and feelings she brings out in her books and this one certainly did not let me down. I think this is one series that I could keep reading over and over, and I definitely give it 5 stars!!


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