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Alex by Sawyer Bennett
Arc provided by publisher via Netgalley
I have to first admit, this is the first book I have read by Sawyer Bennett.  I think I have most of her books sitting on my kindle but for some reason or another, I haven't read them.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  I've heard several people discussing how amazing she is so when I was looking for something different to read, Alex seemed like a good choice. The idea of a hot hockey player drew me in.  I was looking for a quick, sexy read, what I wasn't expecting was the deep emotional issues surrounding these characters.  Alex is so much more than a sexy novel. This book is jammed packed full of emotion, love and healing.  I was sucked in immediately and the story held my attention until the end.  Alex was a pleasant surprise.  I really enjoyed the story and characters.   I look forward to the next book in the series.  Other than a few slow spots, the book was perfect.  Now I'm kicking my self in the ass for waiting to read this one for so long.  I'm going to start some of the other books sitting on my kindle.

Confessions of a Litigation God by Sawyer Bennett
Arc provided by publisher via Netgalley
After finishing Alex, I was excited to jump into another book by Sawyer Bennett. With a warning like this: WARNING, LIMITATION OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF THE RISK from Matt Connover, Litigation God: Please do not attempt to read my story in public, as my sexual proclivities have been known to cause squirming in your seat, squeezing of your legs together and unintentional moaning, sometimes with spontaneous bursts of laughter at random moments—I thought, "Jackpot!" Holy shit, that warning couldn't be more accurate! Matt and Mac have some serious sex! Besides all the sex, there is an actual story involved. A long story! Sure these two have some serious chemistry and their relationship starts out all lust and sex, but their journey turns out to be much deeper and complicated than I expected. My only problem with the book is that at times it felt slow because of the all the sex scenes, but on the plus side, I really appreciated that this one wasn't a case of instant love. The relationship between these two characters actually develops over time and at the end of the book, I felt the love they shared for one another. The best part about finishing this one, I realized I have the story from Mac's pov already sitting on my kindle.

Unwrapped by Maisey Yates
Available November 18th
Arc provided by publisher via Netgalley
I love this time of year when all the Christmas books start to come out.  I normally stay away from novellas because I like a longer book, but on occasion I make an exception.  Unwrapped is the first story I have read by Maisey Yates.  I enjoyed this one.  It was quick and cute.  I know several people who love virgin stories, so if you are one of those, I think you will enjoy this one.  I liked Maisey Yates' writing style, and I'm looking forward to picking up another book by her.  My only complaint is, although I felt like the storyline had a good foundation, it lacked in substance.  Walker has some issues I would have enjoyed and connected with more if the story was longer.  

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