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Once Perfect by Cecy Robson
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The synopsis of this book sounded so good.  I was really excited to start this one.  Within the first few pages I was hooked and had high expecations.  Unfortunately around the 50% point the book fell flat for me.  It wasn't so bad that I put it down but I found myself bored and easily distracted.  I liked Evie and Mateo but the story just didn't get very exciting.  I wanted to feel more! I needed more steam and drama.  I found myself  skimming the pages to finish.  When the story was wrapped up, it happen so fast, I was disappointed.  This could have been a really good book.  Some of the parts were great but the majority of the story was just unoriginal.  I'm sure others will enjoy this book more than I did.  I'm happy I read it but the book was just okay for me.  These days I'm looking to feel more. 

Ruin by CD Reiss
Available 10/14
Arc provided by publisher via NetGalley
This series is something else!  Ruin is book 2 of 3.  I recently read Spin, the first book in the series and really enjoyed it!  Lately I've been bored with simple love stories and looking for more action, whether it be suspenseful or mysterious.  CD Reiss's series was just what I was looking for!  It is necessary to read these in order.  This review will be spoiler free!

First off, this book is HOT!  Steaming hot!  Antonio and Theresa have a very complicated relationship but one thing they have is chemistry!  Within the first few pages of Spin, I was sucked into their world and rooting for them to get their shit together!  These two have no business being together.  They come from two very different worlds, but there is an intense attraction that keeps bringing them together.  The biggest problem these two face is there are too many people trying to keep them apart.  It really is them versus the world.  This is where all the grit and drama comes into play.  It is also why I couldn't put it down.  I devoured this one and loved every minute of it.  There is such a good story behind all the sex and passion.  I felt emotion evoked from these two characters. The only problem is, I have to now wait for the next book in the series!   

Deacon by Kristen Ashley
I'm confused!  I can't remember the last time I finished a book and felt like this.  I finished this one a little over a week ago and I'm still not sure what to say.  I liked Deacon, I really did.  If this book was written by any other author I probably wouldn't be so conflicted right now.  When you are a huge Kristen Ashley fan, like myself, you come to expect certain things from her books.  Deacon really didn't check all those boxes for me.  I'm all for authors improving their writing and changing things up, but this book is part of the Unfinished Heroes Series and I didn't feel the connection.  There was no drama!  I wanted the bullets flying and the crazy alpha males putting their lives at risk.  I wanted more of that side of Deacon.  I wanted to know what he was doing and I wanted to catch up with the other guys in the previous series.  I felt like half the story was missing.  Especially since her books are usually a lot longer.  What we did get though, was really good.  I loved Deacon and Cassidy and I'm glad I read it, I just had hoped for more!  Regardless of how I feel, I still think this is a good book and worth reading.  

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