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No Weddings by Kat Bastion
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
Oh my gracious, No Weddings was so good! I'm not sure what I expected from this one, but the sweet romance surprised me. This story focused on the connection of the main characters, not the sexy times and I loved that. Cade and his three sisters start up a party planning business and they need a baker. Enter Hannah, who Cade knew as the Ice Queen. It didn't take long for Cade to realize that’s not who she really is. He also recognizes the pain from her past, because it’s something he can relate too. I loved these two. Cade and Hannah have wonderful chemistry and it was nice to see them take things slow. Their banter was hilarious and there may not have been any sexy time between them, but the sexual tension is definitely there! No Weddings is told from Cade’s POV and I fell head over heels for him. I loved seeing the change in him as he got to know Hannah and feelings developed. The secondary characters in this story were great as well, Cade's sisters were fun and his roommates entertaining, I enjoyed seeing his relationships with them all. I'm really looking forward to reading One Funeral, the next in the series, to see what happens next for Cade and Hannah.

Stronger Than You Know by Jolene Perry
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
Stronger Than You Know is a superb YA novel. My heart broke for Joy and all that she had dealt with at the young age of 15, Perry does a wonderful job of providing us enough information to know what happened to Joy in the past, without having to experience it. And then it was wonderful to see her overcome that past. As she tried to adjust to her new home with her aunt, uncle, and cousins, I felt for Joy and all she was going through. This story was told through Joy's eyes, making every emotion that much stronger. As she struggled, it felt as if I were struggling too. When she excelled, my heart was filled with awe at the strength of this young girl. I liked seeing how her relationships with her family changed over time, especially with her Uncle Rob. Stronger Than You know is all about Joy and her journey, there’s no over the top drama or unnecessary conflict, which made it all that more enjoyable and real.

Breathe for Me by Rhonda Helms
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
I hadn't read anything paranormal recently, so I picked up Breathe for Me after being intrigued by the synopsis. It ended up that there wasn't much more information in the story than there was in the synopsis. As I read, I was curious about Isabel’s curse and the demon she belonged to but there was never much back story, it was always glossed over leaving me with more questions. I did like Isabel and wanted to see her free, but I never could connect with her. The romance with Dominic was sweet however everything about it felt entirely too easy. He just accepted the curse like it was nothing. And I wanted so much more from the ending. Breathe for Me is one of those books that I adored the writing, but the overall story was lacking. 

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