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Right Kind of Wrong by Chelsea Fine
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
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Right Kind of Wrong is the third book in the Finding Fate series, although each could be read as a standalone. I suggest reading them all, but that's because I love the series so much. Right Kind of Wrong was a good addition to the series, but it didn't quite hit the mark for me. I really enjoyed both Jenna and Jack; I liked their friendship and their chemistry. The story felt as if it got stuck somewhere though and it became repetitive with Jenna pushing Jack away. I became tired of the back and forth when it was so clear how she felt about him. I liked that Jack knew his feelings when it came to Jenna and how he knew what he wanted from her. He didn’t falter from that which made me love him. The road trip they find themselves on was entertaining and the drama around Jack’s brother was intriguing. The drama did come to a point that felt a bit over the top and everything with it was solved way too easily for me to really connect to what was happening. Even with that, overall I liked the story. Chelsea Fine’s humor and wit shine through in her writing yet again. She creates interesting characters; the secondary characters in this one were delightful. While this one wasn't my favorite in the series, it's still a good read. At this point I'm not sure if there will be more in the series, but I sure hope so!
Hard Knox by Nicole Williams
Sometimes a book works for you. Sometimes it doesn’t. Hard Knox is one of those books that did not work for me, but I can see it working for a lot of people. This book had such a great premise. I mean, it tackles the topic of college girls and date rape drugs. So much potential there. I just could not get into the characters or the story line. Knox was the typical misunderstood bad boy and Charlie, eh she just wasn't easily likeable. I couldn’t even get into the romance, it was so predictable. As was the mystery in the story, I figured out the whodunit pretty much the minute it happened. Hard Knox was slow and I ended up skimming the majority it. It was full of classic new adult clich├ęs. I just expected so much more from this book. 

Filthy Beautiful Lies by Kendall Ryan
For this to be a fairly short read and somewhat predictable, I found myself really liking Filthy Beautiful Lies. It lacked the smut I expected and had its fair share of eye-roll worthy moments but there was something about this story that hooked me. Colton Drake isn’t quite the alpha-male he’s portrayed as. I immensely enjoyed his POV and to see how he was feeling about the virgin he shelled out an easy millions for. Sophie was courageous and selfless in the route she went to help her sister. These two had chemistry that oozed from the pages. It was nice to see how their relationship changed over the course of the story. I liked this book and I’m anxious for the next in the series. 

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