Danielle Reviews Reaper's Stand by Joanna Wylde

As Reapers Motorcycle Club president, Reese “Picnic” Hayes has given his entire life to the club. After losing his wife, he knew he’d never love another woman. And with two daughters to raise and a club to manage, that was just fine with him. These days, Reese keeps his relationships free and easy—he definitely doesn’t want to waste his time on a glorified cleaning lady like London Armstrong.

Too bad he’s completely obsessed with her.

Besides running her own business, London’s got her junkie cousin’s daughter to look after—a more reckless than average eighteen-year-old. Sure she’s attracted to the Reapers’ president, but she’s not stupid. Reese Hayes is a criminal and a thug. But when her young cousin gets caught up with a ruthless drug cartel, Reese might be the only man who can help her. Now London has to make the hardest decision of her life—how far will she go to save her family?
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She did it again; I LOVED this book!  If you have ever read any of our reviews, it will come as no surprise that I love MC books.  When I first stumbled across these dirty talkers a few years ago, it was a sub-genre with little inventory.  Joanna Wylde was one of the first and has always been a favorite of mine.  So, when I was invited to read Reaper's Stand early, I was super excited! Picnic has always intrigued me!  

Reaper's Stand is the fourth book in the Reapers Motorcycle Club series.  If you haven't read any of the previous books, I highly suggest that you pick them up first.  I'm sure if you haven't you could probably figure things out but I think the book is much more enjoyable because Picnic is a main character in the development of this series. That is why the book was so good! It was like walking into a reunion and being back with family and friends! From the first page, I was caught right back up in the world of the Reapers MC. 

In the previous books, you get a good understanding of Picnic and how he has gotten to where he is in the club.  From everything I have seen and read about the MC world, it takes a certain type of man to be president.  Throughout the first three books, we have seen how multidimensional he is and why he carries this title.  If I said I was a little nervous about jumping into this one because of that, I would not be lying.  The man scares the shit out of me a little! Anyone who can be sweet and caring one minute and ready to chop your head off the next, is not someone you want to mess with!  Previously, I've seen his dark side, and his caring, loving, fatherly side, and I was ready to finally see what he had going on in the bedroom.  Did I mention he is 43? Yep, he isn't a young 20 year old that makes me feel like a dirty old lady.  No, he is mature and knows what he likes, which was very refreshing.  I really like the fact that was he older and closer to my own age.  The man has experienced life and that was such a great addition.

I had no clue where this story was going to go! With so many MC books out there these days, I was afraid Reaper's Stand was going to be just like the rest.  I have never been so happy to be so wrong!  This book stands out on its own. It was so much better than I expected. I found the plot original and captivating.  Like I said, I was hooked within the first few pages! It just got better the deeper I got into it.  The twists and turns kept me interested and the sex was hot but not overdone.  It was a good balance between action and romance. Reaper's Stand reminded me of why I fell in love with biker books in the first place!  

So if you have read the series, get excited because this one is great!  If not and you are looking for something new, I highly recommend this entire series! Joanna Wylde is a great storyteller.  Her books are sexy and action-packed but not over the top!  It is quite obvious she puts a large amount of research into her books.  These men live crazy dangerous lives but you really get a good understanding of their devotion to their club.  When I say I felt like I was walking into a reunion, I wasn't lying.  Her words and characters come to life on each page.  The only problem is eventually the book ends and you are stuck waiting for the next one! Until then, I may reread the series!  


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