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Shelter Me by Kathy Coopmans
Being this is a debut novel, I found that it was good but didn't blow me away as I had hoped. Shayne and Luke have quite the past and are trying to make up for the years they lost.
At 19, Shayne thought her and Luke had the perfect relationship until she wakes up one morning expecting to find Luke in her bed and finds a goodbye note instead. She decides to leave her hometown and never come back until her aunt dies. Her aunt is like her mom being she raised her and she comes back to help her cousin Adam prepare for the funeral.
Unexpectedly, Luke appears and leaves Shayne speechless. One thing I can say about Luke is that he is very persistent and immediately tells Shayne what he wants and that's her and their life together. As they get closer, she knows she can't deny her feelings any longer and she knows she wants Luke. Little does she know that Luke's past comes back to haunt him and threatens Shayne and their future. Shayne also has a secret but knows it will shake up Luke's world.
I have always been a fan of first love and seeing them work their way back to each other. I liked that Luke was so mysterious and unwilling to share his past so easily. It made the suspense just keep building up until we found out his secret. As much as I loved Shayne and admired her and what she went through, I never felt like I really connected with Luke. I never got that wow moment from him that I like to see from the male character in a book. With that being said, it was a good story and I really enjoyed getting to know Adam, and Shayne's friends, who support Shayne continuously throughout this book.

Come Back To Me by Abigail Lee
After reading Stay With Me and seeing that cliff, I knew I wanted to find out how this story ended.
Bailey's life has been torn apart by Ty and as desperately as she wanted to move on, he never seemed to leave her heart. Ty knew he would never give up on Bailey and as much as I hated him in book one, I did see how he realized that he couldn't let her go.
Bailey and Ty have this roller coaster of a ride because you want for them to be together but you know that you don't know if she should trust him. I am glad to get the conclusion and I do admire Ty for his persistence. This book is a quick read and I read it at one sitting. Even though it doesn't seem to have a lot of surprises in this book, I am glad to get the rest of their story.

My Forever Valentine by Abigail Lee
We met Lexy and Colton in Stay With Me and this is a novella about them. Lexy and Colton met when she was 15 and they knew they were made for each other.
This novella goes into their college life and you see that they each have different directions that seem to keep pulling them apart. 
After reading about them in Stay With Me, you see they are really in love but in this novella, you see how much they struggle to be together. I really enjoyed getting into more of their story and I think this is a great addition to this series.

What I'm Reading Now

Between the Pain by Gia Riley

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