Julie Reviews Precarious and Melancholy by Bella Jewel

In darkness, we find danger. In danger, I find Beau.

Ash is a prison guard, she's tough, she's strong and she never backs away from a fight. She takes her job seriously, she takes her training seriously, and everything in her life goes as planned.

Until the day he is brought into the prison. 

She'll never forget meeting Beau 'Krypt' Dawson for the first time. She'll never forget his haunted eyes and his numb expression. He's a member of the Jokers Wrath MC and it is said he killed an innocent family in the middle of a cafe, in cold blood. 

Deranged. Crazy. Psychotic.All those words describe the infamous Krypt, but Ash suspects there's far more to the quiet man than meets the eye. Secrets are being hidden by the club, information is being kept under wraps. Krypt is silent for a reason. 

Ash is desperate to know that reason. 

Continually fighting, Krypt is transferred to a high security prison. Ash is in charge. She's always prepared, always alert. Not even her skills will stop the club from ambushing them and taking back Krypt. Only Ash ends up right in the middle of it. They take her, too.

Now she's stuck with a Motorcycle Club who are tougher than any prisoner she's ever laid eyes on. And they won't let her go. She's too much of a risk. Until the situation can be sorted, they send her and Krypt into the mountains together....alone. An epic, dangerous love will be built on the foundations of darkness.


I have always been a fan of Bella's MC books and this is another series of hers that pulled me in. 

Ash is a prison guard and she is one bad chick! She doesn't take shit and fights back at everything she does. When Krypt aka Beau is brought into the prison, she is pulled into him. He's so mysterious after being accused of murder and speaks to no one, until Ash. 

As Ash finds out the guards are not her friends and she is put in danger, Krypt brings her to the Jokers' Wrath MC to protect her. She is so torn from wanting to do the right thing and having to do the right thing. She knows she wants to find out more about why she was put in danger and soon finds out the club has to protect her. 

Krypt and Ash are brought together through the most unusual circumstances and that's what I love about this book. It wasn't an easy ride and a lot of danger along the way. 

This series is another hit for me and I'm digging into book two, Melancholy!!

"There's never been a time I've cared about anything more than my club. Today that all changed. Today I got you." 

To truly understand a story; you need to start from the beginning, but to start from the beginning; you have to go back, further than just you. After all, our stories don’t start with us, do they? Our stories start with the person before us, and the person before them. We are created from the stories of those people - from their mistakes, from their achievements, from their love and their hate. 

No one’s story is ever truly their own. 

I tried to create my own story, my own path, and my own actions. I’ve seen things people only see in their worst nightmares, but I never let it beat me down. I never let it become who I was. I picked myself up, and I kept going. Everything was what it was. 

There was no point analyzing what it could be. 

Could be’s didn’t matter. 

Until Maddox came into the picture. He saved my life. He changed my world; giving me the second chance some of us only dream about. There was only one thing missing in my second chance, and she was the reason I fought so hard to survive. 

My sister. 

My sister who is supposed to be dead, well, at least, that’s what I thought. 

That’s what he told me. 

Now is where my story changes, but to understand this story, you have to start at the beginning…where it all began…and before. 


What can I say about Maddox? Well, he is one stubborn SOB that hides his feelings for Santana and I just wanted to slap him. 

Maddox had saved Santana's life years ago as she lay on the street dying. He brought her into his club and protected her through the years. They had this undeniable pull and you can really tell how much they wanted each other but too stubborn to admit it. Santana had seen how the big bad Maddox ruled the club and went through women. She felt like she didn't have a chance with him. 

Maddox had always said he would never give his heart away until he starts to see that someone else wants Santana. That seemed to be the game changer and what brought Maddox to his knees. He knew he couldn't fight it any longer. But, and yes there is a but, he has a secret that could destroy what they are working so hard to build. It's one of those than can really break Santana. 

I must say their love is really tested throughout this book and I desperately wanted them to find their way to each other. There's nothing like a big badass biker having his heart stolen by a woman. Their attraction is HOT and I really enjoyed seeing into the club. I want more of the Jokers!!


Precarious - AMAZON
Melancholy - AMAZON

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