Julie Reviews All I Need by Scarlett Metal

Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll. 

It might sound cliche, but this is my life and I make no apologies for it. I party hard and f*ck my women even harder, sometimes more than one at a time. Music is my life and nothing else matters.

Then I met her. She turned my world upside down with one smile...

Would I be able to give up the life I loved for her?

ARC provided by author.


Wow, where do I even start? You have a hot rock star that is one hell of a man whore besides being an arrogant idiot! He’s very self absorbed and at times is such a prick. With that being said, once he lays his eyes on Lindsey he knows he will never be the same! 

Lindsey is a reporter from the Rolling Stone and as much as Cane is mesmerized by her, he hates reporters. He decides he wants to avoid her at all cost but the more he sees her, the more he wants her in his bed. 

Lindsey just wants one night with Cane and that’s what she gets. What surprises me is that the next morning, he finds himself being treated the way he has treated women before. Karma is a bitch!! 

As Lindsey faces danger from her past, Cane is there to save the day!! They both know they can’t deny their attraction and that is what makes this one hot novella! Just as Lindsey decides she wants to try with Cane, she comes face to face with his past and it certainly isn’t pretty!! 

Cane and Lindsey make for one scorching start to this series and the heat is off the charts. All I can say is I need more Scarlett and I give this volume one 5 stars!!


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