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Upside Down by Lia Riley
ARC provide by publisher via NetGalley
Upside Down was good. I enjoyed the plot and the characters for the most part. Talia goes off to Australia to get away and hopefully find herself again after the loss of her sister. I found Talia to be likeable, she was a much stronger character than I had first expected. She doesn’t let her insecurities and past rule her life and she was surprisingly funny. While the way Talia met Bran was quite hilarious, it took me a while to warm up to him. Bran no longer believes in love due to his past, but things change when he meets Talia. These two are intense, they see deeper into the other than anyone else. Their chemistry had me rooting for them. I liked where their relationship and the story was going, up until the end. The last bit of the book felt off to me, it just didn't mesh well with the rest of the story in my opinion; the characters did things and reacted differently than I anticipated after getting to know them. Upside Down isn't a cliffhanger, things are resolved, it was just the things up until that point of resolution that threw me. Even with that, this is an enjoyable read. It's romantic and fun with a bit of angst, the pacing is great and I liked Riley's writing style. Being this is book one of a series, I am nervous to see what other struggles are ahead for Bran and Talia.

Virgin by Radhika Sanghani 
ARC provide by publisher via NetGalley
I wasn’t sure what I was getting into with this book, but I was pleasantly surprised. Virgin is an endearing and realistic story of a virgin on a journey to rid herself of that title. This isn’t romance, this is all about 21 year old Ellie losing her virginity. We’ve all been Ellie at some point when it comes to wondering about sex and our lady bits. The situations Ellie gets herself into are cringe worthy, embarrassing and absolutely hilarious. But I loved the way she handled herself during most situations, she never let them get her down and her virginity-losing mission remained. I loved how the whole adventure changed Ellie, made her comfortable in being a woman, her sexual status, and herself. There were a few areas that dragged a bit for me, but overall I enjoyed this smart and fun chick-lit. 

In Her Wake by K.A. Tucker
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
In Her Wake is a prequel to Ten Tiny Breaths but I highly suggest reading it after. That way the characters are already known and familiar, which made me appreciate this story more. While we know Trent and his story from TTB, In Her Wake really lets us see how Trent struggled during the aftermath of the accident and how he went from being Cole to Trent. As someone who loves Trent, it hurt to read about the pain and guilt he was carrying around with him and to see his life falling apart.  In Her Wake also shows how Trent came to care so much for Kacey and all the ways he was looking out for her and keeping tabs on her. All of which surprised me, so many times they were right there together and she never knew it.  If this were any other person I may have thought his actions seemed stalkerish, but with Trent, his concern and actions felt justified. Kacey is spiraling, it’s his fault, and he does what he can to fix it. This book allowed me to understand how broken he truly was. This isn't a pretty story, but it's Trent's story. It is honest and painful but it's a story that needed to be told, so thank you K.A. Tucker for giving us In Her Wake.

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