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The Troublemaker Next Door by Marie Harte
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
The Troublemaker Next Door was an entertaining, fun, and super sexy read. It had a wonderfully fun cast of characters and a cute storyline to boot! Maddie Gardner was having a bad day. She’d quit her job and lost her boyfriend. She has every right to be ranting and raving. Instead of being turned off by the fiery redhead, Flynn McCauley falls in lust. They strike up a relationship that’s a little more than friends, you know the kind with benefits, but they’re definitely not a couple. I loved their insta-attraction. Their sexual chemistry was off the charts! And you best bet they do something about that sexual tension. They’re a couple I was rooting for from their very first meeting, but of course it wasn't all smooth sailing when feelings start to grow stronger. While Flynn and Maddie both are great characters, well-developed and likeable, it’s the secondary characters that really made me love this book. The relationship between Flynn and his brothers was realistic and endearing. I loved their poker nights, their banter created some of the funniest moments in the story. Maddie and her roommates were close and it was nice to see just a great relationship between women. With all these awesome characters, I’m anxious for more in this series! This was my first novel of Harte's and I have to say I'm impressed. She knows how to create characters that feel real, as if they could be my own neighbors and she can craft a story that's witty and sexy, but still full of heart. 

How to Handle a Heartbreaker by Marie Harte
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
After finishing The Troublemaker Next Door, I couldn't wait to dive into the next book in The McCauley Brothers series. And I couldn’t have been more excited Abby and Brody’s story was up next. While I had gotten to know them a bit already, this book could also be read as a standalone. I really liked getting to know Abby, the shy romance writer, and Brody, the honorary McCauley brother. These two were attracted from the get-go, but both had reservations when it came to pursuing a relationship. But things eventually heat up between the two for “research” purposes for Abby’s next book. I did feel as if the set-up that caused Abby and Brody to get together felt very similar to the previous book with it being a no-strings attached type of relationship to begin with, I would have preferred something a little different this go-around. But as I got further into the story I was able to overlook that and ended up really enjoying How to Handle a Heartbreaker. It was just as sexy and fun as the first in the series but dealt with topics a bit more serious, due to Brody’s past. Harte does a stellar job of creating realistic family dynamics that pull you in and makes you fall in love with the entire McCauley clan. The characters are well-developed and engaging and the dialogue witty. There isn’t a dull moment during these books! This is a must read series for any contemporary romance reader.

Miss Spelled by Sarah Belle
ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley
Releases September 1st
Well, that was cute. Lou’s life is moving along quite perfectly; she has a great job, adorable house, and she’s newly engaged to the man of her dreams. Then, an ex comes back into the picture and instead of being honest with her fiancĂ© (not smart!) she decides to cast a spell on the ex to remove herself from his memory (seriously, not smart!) And how would you imagine a spell, bought over the internet, would turn out? Yea, not quite like it was anticipated. I was thoroughly engaged in the story as Lou cast the spell and everything went awry. The measures Lou goes through to get her life back are rather comical and entertaining. Lou was an endearing character; I couldn’t help but feel bad for her even though it was her own fault she was in the predicament to begin with. I really enjoyed her friendship with Mel as well. Miss Spelled was a quick read, cute and light, with the perfect touch of magic!
I will say, as a self-proclaimed cover snob, I am not a fan of this cover. It doesn't match the story at all.

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Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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