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Allure by Lacey Weatherford
This is one of those books that snuck up on me that I had on my Kindle and I wasn’t disappointed.  Brooklyn and Six had both wanted each other for a long time.  However, Brooklyn was his best friend’s younger sister, and she was only 17, while he was 22.
For a long time, Brooklyn had her eye on Six and knew she wanted him but stayed away because she knew he had a girlfriend.  When tragedy happens and she finds herself in his tattoo parlor, both of them feel the pull they have toward each other. 
Brooklyn has such a hard life at home.  Her dad doesn’t make life easy for her and she knows being with Six will only be that much harder.  But when you’re in love, you have to do what you have to do, right?
Brooklyn opens herself up to Six and he really amazes me at how he just adores her.  I do have an issue with him because I do feel like he did move a little too fast for her but to each his own.  Their chemistry is certainly off the charts and as they find themselves in danger, he knows he will stop at nothing to protect her, even if it means losing her.

“Be careful, sweetheart.  You’re gonna make me fall hard for you.  Then you’ll be stuck with me forever.” – Six

Allure surprised me with the blend of suspense along with a romance.  Also, one thing about Six I liked was not only was he a tattoo artist but worked at Leathers, a strip club, and soon we should be getting more into the guys at Leathers!  I will be waiting!

My First, My Last by Lacey Silks
If you believe in first love, then this is one you want to pick up.  My First, My Last is a book of young, first love that was never meant to be the first time around, but when you get a second chance, you always need to go for it.
Adrian and Mia were young and in love.  They were each other’s ‘firsts’ but fate came in and pulled them apart.  Twenty years later, Mia is divorced with two kids.  One night going out with friends is all it takes for her to hear ‘his’ voice again.  She never thought that day would ever happen again and believe me, she is speechless!!
Adrian never married, seeming that no one compared to his “Thumbelina” as he called Mia.  He knew if he ever had the chance, he would find her and that’s what he did.  Mia was shocked to find her first love was not the little boy she once knew.  He was now a big handsome pierced businessman who would stop at nothing to get what he wants.

“I’m never letting you go.  You’re my everything.” – Adrian

With the cheating ex-husband being added along in the mix and him trying to stay in Mia’s life, he soon finds out that as much as he does or thinks he loves Mia, he has to let her go.  I really enjoyed seeing the children brought into the story because so many times when children are involved, they are pushed aside and only mentioned a few times, so that is rare with this book.

“You wanted me to be your first, and I want to be your last.” – Adrian

I liked seeing how scared Mia was to attempt a future with Adrian for fear of him leaving but yet at the same time, when fate steps in again, she knows she wants him more than she ever thought possible.  It’s funny how things can shake you up and make you realize what you’ve always wanted is something you can’t live without.  Adrian and Mia are a one of a kind couple that makes you believe in true love and how everyone deserves their happy ending.

For The Love of Laney by Melanie Cole
This is one of those books that seemed to hit close to home for me in some ways and I felt like I could connect with Laney at times.   Laney is 18 and has been overweight most of her life.  She puts up with her mom being so verbally abusive to her and I would have loved to have slapped her face to take up for Laney.

“You’re not his type.  He can have any girl he wants.  What are you trying to do?  Eat yourself to death.”  

But I do understand there are parents that will belittle their children and make them have little or no self-esteem.
So, when her brother Ajay brings home his college roommate Levi for the summer, her life will never be the same.  She soon realizes she wants more for herself than what she has and starts to work out even though that doesn’t stop her from hiding food.  What surprises me is that Levi seems to understand her more than any of her family ever has.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about you since the first time I laid my eyes on you.” – Levi

As the summer progresses and more feelings surface, Laney realizes she wants things more than she ever thought she could and I love seeing how Levi supports her in every way.  When she finds out her mom isn’t as perfect as she seems, Levi protects her and I think I fell for him myself after that.  

“You’re so beautiful.  Don’t ever be embarrassed of your body.  You’re perfect.” – Levi

Laney opens up, spreads her wings, and becomes someone she can be proud of.  Even though the obstacles weren’t easy, she kept trying and with the help of her family and especially Levi, she really blossoms throughout this book and grows so much.  I think this is one of those books that anyone who has ever had a weight problem should read.  You get the good with the bad:  having a bitch of a mom and then finding love.  The good can sometimes outweigh the bad!

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