Julie Reviews Falling for Fitz by Katy Regnery

"Falling for Fitz" is the second of five books about the Philadelphia-based, wildly-handsome English brothers who are absolutely not on the look-out for love.

(Except Barrett, who fell in love when he was eight-years-old. And Fitz, who met the girl of his dreams at nineteen. And maybe even Weston, who just doesn't know it yet.)

Fitz English and Daisy Edwards fell in love during one magical summer when they were teenagers. When something tragic happens at the end of the summer, Daisy tells Fitz she never wants to see him again. Despite his feelings for her, he respects her wishes and for almost a decade Fitz and Daisy go their separate ways.

Almost ten years later, when Daisy moves home to Philadelphia, they meet again, and both are shocked to discover that the feelings they had that summer are just as deep and real today. There's a little snag, however. It seems that Daisy is engaged to someone else, and she's come home to get married.

Can Fitz get Daisy to fall for him all over again before it's too late? Only if Daisy can learn to trust the man who shattered her heart once upon a time.

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As I said in last week’s review, after Breaking Up With Barrett, I jumped right into Falling Into Fitz and boy do I love those English brothers!! I don’t think I can even pick which one I like better and something tells me that as Katy releases more of this series, the decision will only get harder!!

In Falling For Fitz, we have Fitz, who is Barrett’s brother of course, and Daisy, his first love. They met during the summer when he was in college and she was in high school and due to an awful tragedy were separated for almost ten years.

“This is our second chance. You and me. Right now.” – Fitz

Daisy is back visiting her cousin Emily, who we all met in book one with Barrett, and knows she is going to run into Fitz. To add a little fun to their reunion, she brings a ‘fake’ fiancĂ© in order to make Fitz think she hasn’t been pining for him all these years. (Even though we know she has, shhh)

As the story develops, Fitz realizes she was his first and only love and will do whatever he has to do to get her back. Including, getting rid of her fiancĂ©. And what a fiasco that was!!! The ‘fiance’ was hilarious!!

“I’m going to do whatever I have to do to make you fall for me, Daisy. Whatever it takes. Losing that time with you is the biggest regret of my life, Daisy. The biggest, and you know that I’m not short on regrets.” – Fitz

So as I’m swooning over Fitz right along with Daisy, we get behind the scenes and find out a little more about why they were separated so many years ago. I really enjoyed how once they started to get to know each other again, it was like time had not passed and they were the beautiful couple they were always meant to be. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t come without a little heartache into the mix.

“I don’t know how to be Fitz English without loving Daisy Edwards. I’ve belonged to you since I was twenty, Daisy. You’ve owned me every day since the last day I saw you.” – Fitz

What I love so much about this book and this series is that we not only get Fitz and Daisy’s story, but all of the English brothers are mingled into each book so with each book we get more and more of each brother and something tells me it’s going to get tough to choose a favorite brother by the time this series is over. Katy brings the story to life and makes you feel like such a part of their life and you basically have a front row seat into their life. This is one series I highly recommend and I hope I don’t have to wait long to get “Anyone but Alex”. According to his history in the first two books, this one looks even more interesting!!


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