Julie Reviews Dear Jon by Lori L Otto

A summer with his family in Utah is all Jon Scott needs to pull himself together. It's time to focus on his mom's sobriety and the continuing education of his two younger brothers, Will and Max. For once, things seem to be on track with that part of his life. For the first time, he sees real hope for his family.

This family time is a much-needed distraction from the relationship he walked away from in Manhattan. Livvy Holland, the girl he's loved since they were children, has let him down for the last time. He doesn't want to waste his time dwelling on the fight they had, or the shocking incident that happened the next day, after her graduation. It's something he'll never forget, or forgive.

Things never go as Jon plans, though. Despite her actions and a distance of two thousand miles, Livvy has every intention of keeping Jon's attention throughout the summer with a series of 30 letters: three a week for every week he's gone. He doesn't have to read them; there are times when he simply doesn't want to. He has plenty of things keeping him busy: a job that requires long hours, family friends that come over for parties, brothers that ask too many questions, and a girl that's very unlike anyone Jon's dated before.

But there's something about Livvy Holland that keeps drawing him back to her. Reading the letters will either break the ties, or eventually reunite them. His brain wants one thing; his heart wants another.

By the end of the summer, Jon will return to Manhattan. He's come to terms with his past. He has a bright future. Back at Columbia, though, he must accept choices Livvy has made without him that will change his present plans.
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There is not a thing I can say about Lori Otto that I haven’t said before.  She continues to write brilliantly and the depth of her books never let you down.  Dear Jon is part of the Choise Series and it’s a must that you read Contessa and Olivia before starting this story.  The Choise Series is a spin-off from the Emi Lost and Found Series and I highly recommend reading it before starting this series.

Dear Jon is about Jon Scott, and his emotional journey in dealing with his feelings for Livvy Holland, his longtime girlfriend.  They have been through so much in their young lives, and are always there for each other no matter what. Until in book two, that is, when Olivia crushed Jon’s heart with her actions. 

Now, Jon has gone to Utah for the summer to see his family and deal with his mom and brothers, Will and Max, who are trying to start a new life away from New York.  Livvy is still in New York and Jon knew he had to get away from her in order to sort through the hurt she caused and try to heal.

This summer is certainly one Jon did not expect.  He gets a job, sorts through his family issues all the while getting letters from Livvy.  While, at times, he doesn’t know if he even wants to read the letters, his heart is telling him otherwise.  He knows he needs to read them, no matter how much it hurts him to hear from her.  One thing I love about Livvy’s letters is that they are so cryptic by the end and completely confuse Jon, and you can really feel how torn he is.  The letters are so sweet and innocent while reminding Jon of the deep feelings he has for Livvy.  I really enjoyed getting his point of view and getting into his head and knowing what’s he thinking after reading the first two books.  During the summer, he also meets a special girl, but is she good for him? Or will his heart continue to belong to the girl he first chose?

As the summer ends, he returns to New York and college, and you can feel how nervous he is at coming face to face with Livvy.  You feel him teetering on what his heart feels and as much as you may pull for them to be together, Livvy throws yet another twist into the story, one that really will leave you wondering, WTH?

There really isn’t much to say except that Lori has done it again!!  Her books just get better and better and more in depth.  Even though they are not short reads, they really pull you in and are over before you know it.  From start to finish, you’ll feel like you are a part of the family and are right there with the characters.  I have read each of her books and with how thorough and developed they are, never cease to amaze me.  As much as I loved getting inside Jon’s head, and feeling how torn he was over Livvy’s endearing letters, this book still made me want a tad more. Still, with that being said, Lori never fails to write a remarkable book and I give this Dear Jon 4.5 stars.


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