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Aphrodite knows better than anyone how the heart works. Just don’t ask her to figure out her own. 

She’s been away from Olympus for weeks, which wasn’t near long enough for her move on from everything that had happened to her, to get past the betrayal and loss. When she returns, she has no idea what she’s walking into other than a new competition, this time against Artemis. The goddesses have never been friends, but now they have more in common than ever, though they’d rather face eat ambrosia straight than admit it.

Artemis can’t help but be smug. Her player, Josie, is a private investigator who’s lost more than she’s won. Every waking moment has been consumed by her fire to catch the man who killed her partner, and when Jon comes back into town after leaving her without a word, it’s more than she can handle. She’ll never let him in. Not again.

But Jon only did what he thought was right, and he’ll do anything he can, give her everything he has to give to prove that he can be trusted with her heart again.

With Adonis gone and the threat of Ares around every corner, Aphrodite’s past presses on her, leaving her more alone than she’s ever been. She can’t help wondering if she’ll ever escape, and how much pain she’ll endure before the whole ordeal is behind her.

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“Aphrodite put her stock in love, which was nebulous and vague. Artemis believed in logic, what she could see, smell, touch. But logic rarely applied to love.”

Doe Eyes picks up right after Snake in the Grass and it’s time for Dita to return to Olympus for her match against Artemis, the goddess of hunt, and where she’ll have to face Ares once again and deal with the fact that Adonis is gone for good. This is a struggle for Dita. Luckily she has Perry and Heff by her side as she deals with everything. I really felt for Dita and what she was going through: the fear and the loss. As the story progresses, it’s nice to see Dita overcome these obstacles and grow stronger. Artemis was an interesting opponent for Dita, one of my favorites. She's a bit bitter and underestimates the humans. She has her own story of a love lost that caused my heart to break for her.

"Love is a ridiculous sentiment, fueled by hormones. It compromises you, creates a weakness that wasn't there before. No...I have no need for love."

A new round means new human players. Josie is a private investigator with a broken heart determined to find the man who killed her best friend. Jon is the ex who broke her heart, back in town for the first time since he left her. After knowing both Jon and Josie’s stories I couldn't help but root for them. Their break-up was more of a misunderstanding than anything, but Josie just has so much hate in her heart I was scared she would never get past it. Right from the get-go, I was nervous about this match. Jon is persistent though. And good thing he is. The gods' game takes a dangerous turn causing me to fear for the humans lives, especially Josie's.

This is the third set of human players in the game, and I have to say they are my favorite. Josie had dealt with so much that I just wanted closure for her so she could heal from the pain of her past, and while I don’t agree with her feelings towards Jon, they are completely realistic. I totally fell for Jon, regardless of how much Josie hated him. It’s clear he was doing what he thought was right in the past, whether it really was or not. He’s just a great guy wanting to win the women he loves back. I will say I greatly enjoyed the dynamic between Jon and one of his exes, who he has a child with. It was nice to see two people so amicably raise their child together.

“She was a burning match, and he was gasoline, and when one touched the other, everything was consumed.”

Once again, Hart has woven two stories together in one beautifully. The transition from the gods to the humans is flawless and the pacing is perfect. I was constantly at the edge of my seat and anxious to know what move would be made next in the game. This story has a much darker and serious tone than the ones before it, and I loved the change. Doe Eyes is full of heart and suspense and so many feels.  But don’t worry, Hart’s humor still shines through! I love all the stories in this series, but I believe this is my favorite thus far. I can’t wait for the fourth game to see what happens next for Dita and to meet the new players!

“Pain isn’t forever. It’s not always. One day it’s just behind you, and you crept past it so slowly that you didn’t even realize it.”


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